Monday, May 14, 2012

Rough Days: I Have Them

I'm having a rough mom day. Ryan just won't sleep. He usually spends 75% of the day snoozing away. Today it's been more like 15% . He's exhausted but just won't stay asleep! It seems like he's been screaming all day. (Today, he's definitely earned his nickname Cryin' Ryan). This is very unusual for him, my normally content baby!

Then there's my suddenly troublesome three year old. He is constantly nagging and then pouting if he doesn't get what he wants (snacks in bed, more TV, going to a very specific park, to not have to wear socks!).
He is becoming a very inquisitive and curious three year old. All day long, I'm fielding his interesting little questions.

"What happens if I don't say excuse me after I burp?"
"What does that sign say?"
"What does 'I'm counting on you' mean?"
"What does THAT sign say?"
"What about that sign over there."
"Why can we only drive 50 miles per hour?"
"Is 50 fast or slow?"
"Is that car driving too fast?"
"Why do the police get you if you go too fast?"

Then, my personal fave:

"Can I lick your tongue and you can lick my tongue?"


So yeah, today has been rough. I almost entertained the idea of dropping my kids off on a random doorstep and running away to Coldstone for a triple scoop of cookie-dough ice cream. But then I looked at the calendar on my phone and realized my maternity leave is almost half over and started to freak out. Because really, I can't fathom leaving both kids (especially the baby) for an entire day. They may be trouble, but they are MY trouble. Waaaahhhh - cue the tear flood.

In the midst of the rough moments, there are always plenty of sweet ones:

He fell asleep in time out

Grumpy face

Thursday, May 3, 2012

"I Feel Pretty"

I usually wake up looking like this each morning (and for the days that I take the time to clean myself up, I usually end up looking like this again by the early afternoon):