Meet Us

The Down and Dirty:

Being a mommy is hilarious, disgusting, uplifting, and exhausting. So that's pretty much what this blog is. On top of being a mom, I'm also an attorney and gets just a little bit crazy. I used to overload Facebook Land with all of my crazy. But my crazy is now officially too big for just one social networking site.

Onto the subject of this blog...

The Boys:

JACOB is my imaginative, firecracker of a boy. When he wants to be sweet, he can be very sweet. The rest of the time, he is some combination of trouble and adventure. He thinks he's Spiderman, but we all know that he's really the Hulk (calm one minute and big, green monster of destruction the next).

RYAN is the baby. We are learning more about his personality each day. What we DO know is that he is very kissable. He also enjoys multiple outfit changes per day and drinking until he passes out. At this time, he would like to personally invite all the single lady-babies to his crib to listen to Classical Gas (emphasis on gas) and swap some spit-up.

Then there's us, the parents. We're just along for the ride. Holding on for dear life!


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