Monday, July 4, 2011

A Day At The Beach

Living with a toddler, I'm guessing, is much similar to living with a teenager.

Both are messy, obsessed with their boy parts, constantly eating or thinking about eating, skilled in the art of back-talking, AND, can go from Sweet to Trouble in a third of a second. Today was filled with all of the above.

Let's see, after pretending to make rock-pretzels, Jacob decided he needed to actually eat the rocks (can't wait to change THAT diaper- although, he may have downed enough saltwater to grind the rock into sand):

Sandy Cheetos were the perfect way to round out that meal:

Later, Jacob found a nice place to drop his pull-ups. But he had some trouble getting them back on:

At the Big-Toy, Jacob decided to show off his amazing sliding skills to his new lady-friend:

He kept racing her to the bottom of the slide and yelling, "I win you! I win you!" Quite the charmer. But really, we all know the little girl's pants were slowing her down. Jacob was free from all that extra fabric.

When he wasn't throwing rocks at me or doing the exact opposite of what I was asking him to do, he showed some streaks of the old Jacob sweetness that I miss.

Plus, it's pretty hard to keep up your reputation as a class-1 trouble maker when you are wearing a big floppy hat.

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  1. Cee! I am back from my hiatus, catching up on my favorite blogs, and lo and behold, you have an entirely new one! I am looking forward to reading what you have been up to the last few months. But first, please, please tell me that the woman striking a pose in the yellow bathing suit behind Jacob is you bc that picture (and stance!) is so, so fantastic!