Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Too Terrible

I didn't want my last post my last post. So, I'm forcing myself to write something at 1:00 a.m.

(BTW- thank you everyone who commented on my last post. It was the highlight of my lowpoint. Everytime I read a new comment, my heaviness was eased a teeny bit. You were all super supportive. It's so nice to know that other people have their struggles too. By way of an update, things reached an incredible low point before they got better. But I'm not good at staying angry. Even in the middle of a fight, I'm constantly looking for any excuse to drop my anger and just give my husband an I'm Sorry/I Forgive You/Let's Not Fight Anymore hug. Being angry takes SO MUCH energy. It's not worth it. This is why at 11:20p.m. all it took was a measly one sentence "I'm sorry" EMAIL for me to drop everything and let go. I saw that email, put all my anger in an invisible suitcase, and dropped it off an imaginary cliff. I may be quick to anger. But I'm also quick to forgive. Or maybe I'm just a pushover?)

Today, I invited my parents and teenage brother (I have a brother in the 9th grade, we're 14 years apart. My husband is SO getting snipped after baby #3) to spend the day with us. first they joined us at our church for Mass. Then we went to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field. Then they came back to our place to eat my one-week-old-but-still-delicious white bean chicken chili.

After one full day with us out in public, I'm pretty sure my parents never want to go anywhere with us again. How do parents with more than two kids survive without being constantly drunk? I can barely manage two kids. And then I see all these large families at church with a pew full of well-behaved, quite children. Where do those parents buy their child-tranquilizers? And how do they hide the IV that they use to insert a steady stream of Reisling into their veins?

Todays highlight was, hands-down, the five excruciatingly long minutes when I had lost Jacob on the ferry boat. The worst-case scenarios were playing out in my mind: he fell off the boat!, he was kidnapped!, he was lost and scared somewhere!, he was in the women's bathroom peaking his head under all the stalls!After running up and down the boat screaming his name like a madwoman and getting many stares and ""what kind of mom loses her kid before the boat even leaves the dock?!" looks, I finally found him pretending to play an arcade game right smack in front of my face.

Today was definitely crazy. But crazy is good.

I LOVE this picture. Ry-guy loves his grandpa!

Hanging out on the ferry:


My fighter pilots

Drooly, but happy

Very happy

Have I ever told you that I've been to Space Camp?
Other people dated in highschool.
I learned to fly a space shuttle. (Nerd)

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  1. Glad things are better! And yeah, I need to buy some of that child-tranquilizer stuff too.