Friday, November 21, 2014

Jon's One Month And Things That Make Me Sad

Welp you guys, I did it. I just seriously told my husband that maybe, just maybe it wouldn't be so horrible to think about having another baby (in four to five years). I never saw a man reach for the phone so make a vasectomy appointment. He is insisting on getting it done this year, an effort I would have generously applauded and encouraged up until yesterday when I realized that Jon was growing out of his newborn clothes and I would likely not be able to use them (on a real baby) ever, ever again.

I just....I just love babies. Especially OUR babies. I kind of want a handful more (not all at the same time). I think I have a sickness.

Also, four weeks in to having three boys and I'm absolutely cured of all my previous desires and fantasies about being a stay at home mom. I'm such a better, happier mom when I go to work for a chunk of the day. I'll fully admit it. I just don't have the patience to deal with fighting, bickering, and whinning all day long. OMG, the FIGHTING. It's suddenly  nonstop. This is totally a new thing as of six months ago. I wonder if it's the fact they are both boys, if it's their ages, if it's the fact that they share a room and have zero personal space at all (gee, how do they think I feel when they are picking their noses in my face while I'm trying to straighten my hair each am...welcome to the club of tiny houses). Maternity leave was so much easier (and more fun) with just two. Also having kids TWO years a part is SO much different than having kids THREE years apart.

If I have to smell one more intentional fart, clean up one more uneaten meal, wash one more urine-stenched item of clothing, or pick up one more errant Legoman head, I may just have to go put myself in time out.

In other news, Jonathan (ahh, I still feel giddy saying his name, I love that name!) turned one month old today! He celebrated by showing off both of his chins, being extra adorable, and then refusing to sleep all afternoon and evening, demanded to be held constantly, and screaming his head off for an hour (very uncharacteristic). We are cuddling on the couch now and I'm afraid to wake him because I don't know if i will be greeted by normal Jon or crabby-ass jerk-face Jon.


  1. As a mother of three boys, I'm afraid you have years of smelling intentional farts to come. Oh well, it's a good thing your kids are cute.

  2. Speaking of flatulence, it seems like many parents are positively biased towards their biological children the way a lot of people are towards the smell of their own farts.

  3. Wow you do have serious baby-addiction issues. But that's the prob with cute little babies - they grow up and lose all the cute chub and become skinny, naughty, gangly, not-so-cute kids. If scientists could figure out how to keep babies looking like babies...voila! oh yeah, and being a stay at home mom sucks, amiright?!?!