Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Seven Years Ago Today, The World Fit Into My Hands

What's every kid's dream? To have their seventh birthday fall on the first day of first a brand new school! Except...not.

Today was Jacob's seventh birthday. I CANNOT understand how this kid is seven. I also cannot understand how I have a seven year old. I mean, I'm only 24 years old. What?! I'm 31. WTF. How did that happen?

Amidst the craziness of getting out the door for work and school and handing the two youngest off to my mom, we managed to wish Jacob a Happy Birthday and watch him unwrap his birthday present- a new box of Legos. In the madness, I nearly forgot to feed my children breakfast. I handed them pieces of toast covered in Ranch (a new breakfast favorite around here) and Girl Scout Cookie granola bars. (SO not winning any mom points today).

Then we snapped a couple first day pictures. Sadly, I forgot to make Jacob pose with his backpack- you can't have REAL first day pictures without a backpack. Now they just look like just regular day pictures (lame).

Jacob started today at his new school. But we haven't moved yet. So, I'm having to drive him the 30 minutes to school before driving another 20 minutes to my office. It's a little hectic but we're making it work. I met my husband at the new school where we had to park four blocks away due to insane traffic. Eventually we made it TO the school where we snapped MORE pictures.

Everything was fine until we walked into the classroom. Jacob started to rub his eyes crazily and wispered, "I don't want to go to school." Then he started to cry. And this made me cry. I helped him hang up his backpack and find his seat. I sat next to him and made small talk with his tablemates all the while he just sat in his seat, holding his head and sobbing quietly. My heart just kept crumbling into tiny little raw pieces. Then an announcement came over the speaker telling all the parents to leave. I kept looking back over my shoulder at my first baby, sitting and sobbing to himself.

Seven years ago exactly, we welcomed him into this world. We cradled him and snuggled him. He was our world. Everything revolved around him. And here I was. Leaving him to cry alone in a room filled with strangers. I wanted to die. That image of him was the only thing I saw the rest of the day. What a freaking crappy birthday.

When I picked him up at 5 pm (he goes to on-site childcare after class) he was quiet and tired but, thankfully, not crying. (Last year, he did completely fine when I dropped him off at Kindergarten but he was sobbing when I picked him up because he thought he went to the wrong childcare room and that I would never find him again. Basically, we're 0 for 2 when it comes to first days.)When I asked how his day was, he said it was "good" and that he had made four new friends. His favorite part of the day was lunch. His least favorite part of the day was a long school assembly where he had to sit "criss-cross-apple-sauce" which hurt his knees. When he got home, he bounded to the door and was so excited to finally tackle his new Lego set.

My husband had band practice tonight (yes, he's nerdy and cute and in a band) so it was just me and a house full of crazy people. I tried to order pizza delivery (more mom points) but the service was down. So we ate taquitos from the freezer. Except Ryan wanted a PB&J sandwich. And wouldn't eat it unless I put frosting on the top. I fought him for two minutes until Jon started vomiting violently all over the floor, himself, and my phone (which he had been holding). I stuck him in the bath, scrubbed him down and put him in new clothes. After that, I had no strength to fight any more battles. Frosting on PB&J didn't seem so horrible anymore. Ryan, it's your lucky day. As I was setting Ryan's plate down in front of him, Jon began to vomit again.

I picked Jon up and quickly became his next target. Bath #2 for Jon. Pajama outfit #2 for Jon. Yoga pants #2 for me. As I was putting away his puke clothes I noticed the horrible stench of urine coming from the boys' room. One of them had wet their bed. And it had been sitting and soaking into the mattress all day. I cleaned the urine-covered mattress while Jon followed me around the house, pulling on my legs and crying.

The rest of the evening is a blur but somehow I managed to put all the kids to bed. Right now, the two oldest are sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags because their bed sheets are in the process of becoming urine-free.

SO. That's how we spent Jacob's birthday and first day of school around here. It sure didn't take long for the craziness of school schedules and routines to consume us once again. I just texted my husband to bring me home some chocolate. And Powerade Zero. Cause, you know, when I go crazy. I go ALL OUT INSANE!

Seven years ago seemed so much simpler. And calmer. And smaller. Little did I realize, that we had set in motion a tornado of craziness. Three tornadoes to be exact. But I love every one of them.

Seven years ago today, my entire world fit into my hands.

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  1. Hope Jacob adjusts to his new school quickly! Love his shirt.