Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Internet Is A Bitch

So I regret my last post because it was whiny and full of venting. But I mostly regret it because the internet is a total bitch! In the past I've loved this blog because when I need reassurance or am struggling, there is usually a chorus of working moms who chime in and provide the support I don't get in other aspects of my life. I wish I had time to cultivate more real life friendships. I'm trying really hard to branch out and meet other moms to form a support group. For an introvert like me, it's really hard.

So I was SHOCKED at the rudeness of a commenter on my last post. Here I was a mom at the end of her rope, reaching out in what used to be my safe place to word vomit my feelings, only to be attacked and called an asshole for trying to get through life and chores and my to-do list while feeling very under the weather.

I understand that when you put your life on the internet you are exposing yourself to criticismand comments of all kind. But why do people feel the need to throw all decency aside just because they are shielded by anonymity? We worry about bullying at school and teaching kindness...and yet the internet is full of cruelty and sharp tongues and the readiness to name call and berate people we don't even know and whose circumstances  we don't fully understand.

There is good in the blog world. I've seen it. I've been on the receiving end of it. But sometimes the rudeness of one has a way of burrowing much deeper into your thoughts than the kindness of many.

I've struggled lately with whether I should continue blogging. I know I will miss the community and support and the place to share and document our adventures. But holy hell, I won't miss the meanness. Why berate people? Why? What good does it do? It doesn't change anything. It does nothing but give the berator a brief sense of smugness, right? If you don't like my content, feel free to stop reading! I won't mind, I swear!

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  1. As in real life, I try to ignore that sort. Good riddance!