Sunday, June 5, 2016

Coming Down From A Weekend High

We just had a wonderful, glorious weekend and I don't have the slightest idea how I'm going to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow which will involve spending eight hours sitting at my desk. But at least I have a new (to me) work laptop because....hey, it's the little things. Unfortunately the new laptop came with the 2013 version of Microsoft, which makes me want to stab wooden skewers through the roof of my mouth and into my brain region.

The awesomeness of the past couple days actually starting while I was still at work on Friday. I finished and filed a brief that had been a nagging sore spot on my work calendar and a stressful item on my to-do list. Not only was the brief itself stressful but it was preventing me from tackling some FUN litigation tasks that I've been excited to get started on. We have a couple new cases filed against us and I can't wait to dig in. (Yes, nerd, I know).

Friday night we biked the bike trail near our house. There's a little shopping center at the 2.5 mile mark, and I always bribe the kids to go biking with me by promising to buy them Gatorade at the Bartells there. We saw our neighbor friends at the Bartells- they had just done the same thing! We rode back home together, us moms chatting furiously about important things, like wine and how to bake sourdough bread, while the kids rushed off ahead.

Saturday the kids had their cousins over for a sleepover. We started the party early and headed to our cute little downtown for their annual maritime festival. We're still new to this town and learning about all the events and activities. Luckily we have awesome neighbors that clue us in on the exciting stuff. We live in a city that's on the end of a big peninsula. It's surrounded by water on most sides. So, fittingly, the festival is a two-day maritime festival on the historic waterfront, with a large parade, food vendors, live music, and bouncy houses. On Sunday, the priest and clergy from our church process down to the marina, step into a little boat, drive around the harbor, and perform the traditional blessing of the fishing fleet. I thought that was pretty cool!

I love this picture of Jon trying to eat a snow cone. Ha ha!

Maritime festival festivities!

We didn't get to see the parade but Jacob went with his best friend/the neighbor kid and came home with a giant shopping bag full of candy and treats. I'm still eating, erg SORTING, all the candy he brought home.

When we got home from the festival, I took all the kids on a bike ride down the bike path that's only .5 miles from our house. They did great! I thought a 5 mile hilly bike ride would be a little too much for Ryan so I let him ride in the bike trailer with Jon. It was sunny and I felt like one of the kids. Oh, to be a kid again! We sped down the hills with our feet off the pedals and had one-handed biking contests.

With a train of kids biking behind me, I felt like I was in the Sound of Music. All that was missing was clothes sewn from curtain fabric. I even started singing the "Do Rey Mi" song.

I was excited to discover that it is much easier to bike the entire hilly path towing 60-70 pounds of kid and trailer behind me now than it was even just a month ago. I can do all the hills without having to stop. I've started to supplement my running workout with HIIT training workouts and I now have the quads of a beast. That just might have something to do with it.

When we finished up our bike ride, all the kids (even Jon!) went into the backyard to play while I prepared dinner. They played on the hammock (my husband set it up just recently). They organized a game of baseball. Then they played hide and seek. And I got to prepare dinner completely uninterrupted and totally un-stressed. It was exactly how I always imagined preparing dinner with multiple kids should be like. In our old house, we had a tiny yard that the kids didn't really enjoy and my kitchen window overlooked the neighbor's dilapidated deck so I always wondered and worried about what the kids were doing.

Not so at our new place! This was my view during dinner prep:

The cousins stayed overnight and all the big kids slept downstairs in our basement. We're always getting Jacob to take his sleepovers down there but he insists it's too creepy. His older cousin must have helped pave the way and I anticipate many more crazy sleepovers down there. It was amazing to have them down there. We barely heard them and didn't have to worry about them waking Jon up. Instead of waking up to their chatter at 6am, I woke up the sun on my face at 8:30. I peered out the window and saw that they had already taken their boundless energy outside. Fenced backyards for the WIN!

This morning after church, we rushed to Jacob's final baseball game. The coaches announced all the kids' names at the beginning and had them run onto the field "just like they do in REAL baseball." Jacob was delegated to first base (his favorite position) and he made a double play and then got another kid out- to earn all of the three outs in the first inning. He scored a couple solid grounders as well. He loves playing baseball and it's been great watching him take it more seriously WHILE his love for the game grows. He LIVES for tagging people out and he is always excited to practice, knowing that's what it takes to hone this skill.

Last hit of the season

My four and one year olds are equally obsessed with baseball. Ryan joined a YMCA team this year and (to my amazement) is the only kid on his team who doesn't just pick grass or spin around in circles in the outfield. He's ON that ball.

And anyone who's ever been clocked in the face by a tennis ball at our house can tell you all about Jon's killer throwing arm. Jon can say a lot of words, but by far his favorite and longest is "baseball bat." He knows exactly what it is and what is means but, for some reason, just says it randomly out of the blue on the reg. I'll go into his room to pick him up from a nap and he'll look at me, smile, and exclaim, "Base. Ball. Bat!" in a sing-song voice. He says it in line at the check out stand. He says it in response to "would you like some milk?" He says it when the neighbor lady walks across the street to say hi. It totally cracks us up. Whenever we see Jon we always exclaim, "Base. Ball. Bat!" It's become his theme phrase.

Ok, back to the wonderful weekend. We came home and spent the rest of the afternoon leisurely hanging out at the house. It reached the mid-90's today, which is practically UNHEARD of for the Seattle-area in early June. It rarely gets that hot when summer is in full swing. Jacob went across the street and played in the neighbor's blow up pool-slide. Ryan spent ALL afternoon riding his bike back and forth in front of our house. Although he's been able to ride without training wheels for quite a while (he rides his friend's bike often), it was only this weekend that he let my husband take the training wheels off HIS bike. As soon as they were off, he grew bike wings and was free! He has spent every free second on his little Thomas the Train bike (a bike we got for free for Jacob long ago). So Ryan rode back and forth all day, while I sat in a lounge chair in our driveway catching some vitamin D.

My always messy third child. Because by the time you have three kids, you really stop caring if they have dirt on their clothes and food on their faces. Sorry Jon! Actually, NOT SORRY. I know you prefer it that way.

Another thing that I absolutely love about our new house is that we live on a quiet, private street that continues into two cul de sacs. It is PERFECT for bike riding. Between our fenced .3 acre lot and the private road, the kids get to be pretty independent in their activities and play while I still get to observe and be a "responsible parent." After eight years of living in a very urban setting with a small yard and busy streets, I can't even begin tell you how much joy this brings me.

Ryan's new BB8 helmet (that he picked out from Target today) is the best thing ever. Every time I see him whizzing by with a little antenna on his helmet I can't help but crack a grin at the ridiculousness.

Towards the end of the afternoon, while the kids were busy bike riding and playing with their various scooter and wagons, I brought my HIIT workout videos outside and did an hour of exercise surrounded by nature in the shade of our lovely fir trees. We live next to a heavily-trafficked bridge and a small airport (lots of small, private planes flying overhead!), but all I could hear all day was the sounds of my kids laughing (and occasionally screaming), the chirping of birds (seriously, where did all the birds come from?), and the sound of leaves and underbrush being swept aside by bunnies! I kept pinching myself and wondering what parent fantasy land I had fallen into.

When the kids went to bed, I crept outside to water my garden. From there, the hammock caught my gaze and I spent the rest of the daylight evening swinging in the hammock, watching squirrels and birds play in the yard, and getting a really intense ab workout from trying to keep the hammock in motion. Next time, I'll bring a book and a water bottle filled with wine :)

Trees! Squirrels! Nature!


  1. Can you tell us more about the HIIT workout? Did you buy a DVD or do you watch free videos on Youtube or something? What's it like? Thanks!

    1. I had been eyeing the Beach Body and Hammer and Chisel workout but didn't want to commit so I started googling other workouts. Right now I'm loving Christina Salus. She has a program you can pay for but I don't bother to do that. Her workout are free on Youtube! Google Christina Salus HIIT. I love her! When I need a break from hit, I do her tabata workouts. I also love they are amazing and you can select workouts by length, muscle group, and intensity level. I love them for weight lifting stuff. And the guy and girl are super hot. My workout crushes, ha ha!

    2. Thanks, that's so helpful!