Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lake Chelan In Pictures

I'm exhausted. Cannot post in full sentences. But here is the low-down for our past week.

Road trip to lake. Stayed for a week. Weather was crummy but company was good.

Enjoyed indoor heated pool. Everyday.

Rented speed boat (awesome! I grew up with a speedboat so it's like taking a dip back into my childhood).

First Mate

Learned to make fire. Where's my girlscout badge?

Ate some s'mores. Then ate some more.

Created a scavanger hunt for the kids. Drawing of deer and squirrel = epic!

Fed some goats. Goats are cute. Want!

Played a little golf.

Youngest turned two months old.

Pooped all over.

Then drank himself to sleep.

But for reals. He's the cutest!

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