Sunday, February 10, 2013

That Was Quick

Who can I talk to about getting my weekend back? Seriously. I need a refund.

A while back I agreed to join my boss for a meeting with a potential medical expert for one of our plaintiff cases. Little did I know that that meeting would take place on a Saturday. Right smack in the middle of the day. And an hour an a half car ride from my house. I anticipated it would be only a short meeting. But that short meeting dragged on for 2.5 hours. So that time plus the 3 hour round trip pretty much shot my Saturday plans.

But, it was an important meeting and I learned a lot about the medical area which is the subject of our lawsuit. The doctor was really pleasant. My brain only hurt a little bit from all the medical jargon spouting out of his mouth (and I thought lawyers were bad!). I only fidgeted in my seat a little bit when he started to give unsolicited advice about tampons, a topic entirely unrelated to our case. And I only checked the clock one time to think wistfully about the 1.5 hour spin class that I was missing.

My husband drove me to the meeting and he and the kids played at a McDonald's playplace while they waited for me. I couldn't really complain about the meeting anymore after my poor husband bravely withstood 2.5 hours in McDonald land hell. Then on the way to pick me up, Jacob pooped in his the car. This resulted in an emergency run to Target for new underwear. I could use some new panties too. Unfortunately I am on a "brief" (ha ha ha, get it!?) clothing spending ban...maybe I should poop MY pants too?

On the way home we decided to stop by IKEA for a nice, family outing (yeah. right). Jacob ran away from us three times, the baby was crabby, husband's temper was short, and I dropped Jacob's ice cream cone a mere record-breaking 40 second after we bought it. I think I cried twice as loudly as he did.

Because my Saturday was mostly business, I had high hopes for Sunday. I was going to get up early, get to mass, go for a spin class, run some errands, make dinners for the entire week, and do all the laundry in the house (not just shove it into clean and dirty piles, but WASH it and FOLD it, and put it AWAY!). Then came the night of hell during which Ryan woke up at 10:30pm and screamed until 1:00am. Jacob woke us up at 3:00 having peed all over his bed (he was even wearing a pullup!). He also managed to wake up the Ryan Beast who, this time, screamed his head off until 4:30 and woke up every half hour to head butt us and scream some more. NOT HAPPY.

Despite my exhaustion all day today, I managed to get out of the house sometime after noon. I went grocery shopping and then took the kids to the park. Ryan was a huge fan of the swing:

He also loved to watch his brother play

He's my Mr. Eyelashes:

And he's my Mr. Dimples

I can't believe Ryan turned 10 months old yesterday.

I make it my mission to never make comments like "my baby is the cutest baby ever" on social media (despite my super biased opinion) because those type of comments annoy the SH*T out of me when they come from other people. Obviously, every mother thinks her baby is cute. But not all babies are cute (I'm cruel, I know, but it's the cold, hard truth). do the math.

But, even if he's not the cutest baby in the world, I could take picture of him all day long.  When I work from home, I come up out of my basement office during breaks and lay on the ground to watch him play. I didn't think I could love a baby more than I loved my first baby. Ryan is showing me just how much love one person can have. The memories of Jacob's babyhood are already slipping away. I'm so glad I have Ryan to relive those feelings all over again. It makes me sad to think they will fade away forever when he gets older. (If I could only convince my husband, I'd be planning for baby number three right now.)

Watching my kids at the playground made me start to feel all mushy inside. Ryan was kind of a grump today, but each time Jacob ran near him or gave him any attention, his little eyebrows raised happily and he cracked a huge grin. I love how much my boys love each other. Watching them play, I tried to imagine what Ryan might say to Jacob if only he had a little more wisdom and language skills:

Dear Big Brother,

I'm not able to tell you this but I want to be just like you. I watch from my knees as you run and skip and jump. Against every ounce of my will I can't keep up. At least not yet. I can't play your favorite games like cards or catch or legos. Sometimes it makes me scream. But when you see me trailing behind, you stop and wait. And when I can't reach, you bring the world to me. Someday I will give you a run for your money. But for now, I love to sit and watch you. And, when you let me, I love to take your hand. You are my first friend and I love you. 
And then I cried like a big, fat baby.


  1. Okay, you made me tear up at the end there :) Can only imagine how jam packed your weekends must be taking care of those two tiny humans, your husband and yourself. I can barely take care of me!

  2. You do have cute boys. I stopped at cutest, because I am a biased bitch, but damn I love looking at pictures of yours <3