Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear Diary: Updated

Sometimes I feel like quitting my blog. But then I realize that as trivial and un-viral as this blog is, it plays an important role in my life. When I get happy news, one of the first things I want to do is share it on here. Same for when I feel sad. The very act of writing out my feelings helps me to digest and massage them. Even if I am upset about the silliest thing, I can express those feelings here and not worry about anyone judging me (well, not to my face anyway). Then I can try to move on.

Last night I did exactly that. I vomited my feelings so that I could try to put them behind me. And then this morning, I deleted those feelings. I realized that even though it's therapeutic to write things out and put them on paper in order to help get them out of my head. It is not always a good idea to hit that "publish" button.

Once things are released into the internet world, they live forever. That's a scary thought!

So instead of posting my emotional vomit, I'll focus on the awesomeness of this weekend.

Friday night was Date Night One. We headed out on a full-blown adventure, trying a new pizza restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. Sitting around a delicious pizza exploding with two inches of toppings, my husband I were horrified to realize that we hadn't been on a real date since May, mother's day. After pizza, we went to a historic theater and watched an up-and-coming band called Lucious. They were incredible. I enjoyed the show despite my incredible back pain I got from standing for two hours to watch it (I learned early on in our music-filled dating experiences that, thanks to eight years of competitive running (and then two pregnancies), my back is destroyed and I cannot stand for longer than 30 minutes. As sad and old as I sound, I refuse to go to shows that do not have assigned seats. Turns out this show did not, so I was resigned to sitting on the floor halfway through and staring at everyone's asses). But the show was so good that it was worth crippling back pain.

The next day, we spent quality time with the boys in anticipation of Date Night Part Two. I took Ryan to get a haircut.It's amazing how a haircut can transform your baby into a big boy. Tear.

Jacob got to go rock climbing at the local gym. He's a little timid, just like me. But he did great!

For Date Night Two (I'm such a lucky gal), we walked to our local theater (I love that we have a brand new fancy theater within walking distance!) and saw Gravity in 3-D. Wow. That was the best movie I had seen in a LONG time. It was so fantastic. I would highly recommend 3-D, it made the experience so incredible! My sister saw the movie last week and told me it had no plot. But for the entire show, I was clutching the armrests and on the edge of my seat. It was amazing. As I held my breath time and time again wondering what would happen next, I couldn't help but laugh at my sister's review. The entire thing was an intense survival story- how is that no plot?!

Sadly, the 3-D glasses did NOT work in bed. (cough, cough). Can't blame me for trying.

When we went to pick up the boys this morning, we were greeting with huge smiles and even bigger hugs. As much as I love date nights, I love reuniting with my babies even more. Ryan's grandma dressed him all up in fancy boys clothes (a far cry from the sweat pants we dropped him off in), with his haircut, he looked too perfect. I couldn't help but to do a mini-photo shoot.

My baby is losing his baby face- NO!

Waving "hi."

Now everyone is home and together. We're going to spend the day cuddled up in our sweat pants and cheering on the Seahawks. Now that it is football season, all my Sundays for the foreseeable future are completely blocked out. I'm totally obsessed. And I'm now fully equipped to raise two sports-loving boys. Go Seahawks!


  1. I am so sorry.

    I understand about needing to write it out so that your brain can let go of it a little bit. Sometimes, the paper/screen is the best listener, and, as you read over what you wrote and edit it here and there, it is often the best "person" for bouncing ideas/thoughts/feelings around and sorting out how you really feel about different parts of the issue.


    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

  2. That's not trivial. This is your only sister. I'd feel hurt too about being left out.

    Are you close enough that you could talk to her about it (in a non-accusatory way, with lots of "I" statements, etc.)?

  3. aw, I missed the big emo dump before you erased it! never stop writing your blog! I would miss a bright spot of entertainment on the interwebz if you ever did!