Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Drag Shows, Football, & Pumpkins

Phew. It's already Wednesday and I'm still kicking myself trying to figure out where the weekend went. We were very busy. Insanely busy. But it was mostly all good stuff.

On Friday, I met up with my former coworker and friend and we had a mini girl's night. We went to a gay bar to get a drink and showed up just in time for a surprise drag show. Glad I can finally cross that off the bucket list. The drag show was seriously entertaining. I really enjoyed it, in a way that made me feel a little perverse. I'm just not used to being jealous of other MEN'S bodies. Everything was over the top. It was perfect.

Jacob had a buddy over on Saturday. I naively assumed that the two boys would run off and entertain themselves. But, phew, these boys were busy busy. They each insisted that I draw them Batman paraphernalia. So I quickly became the resident Batman illustrator. I drew Bat Caves, Batmobiles, Bat Motorcycles, Batplanes, and even Batman himself. Even with all that practice, I don't think Marvel will be knocking on my door any time soon. Then the boys wanted to build houses out of scrap wood. Are you kidding me? Just my luck these boys would refuse to play Legos or cars or other simple games. Sheesh. Upside: I used up all those extra hot glue sticks taking up valuable space in my junk drawer. 

Let's see...what else? Ryan enjoyed an entire cookie dough ice cream cone.

And a gigantic Costco hot dog. 

Since my recent interest in the Seahawks has officially morphed into obsession, Sundays in fall are officially football days (I like to imagine that God is proud to share his day of with Russell Wilson). As someone who has never really liked football until now, it was a very unfamilar and surreal experience when I woke up on Sunday to discover that our cable wasn't working and my body went into an uncontrollable anxiety about missing the Seahawks game. Just the thought sent me into a strange, feverish panic. My body was feeling things I had never felt before....about football of all things! My husband looked at me in horror when I insisted that we go across town to watch the game with friends. I saw the question in his eyes: "who IS this person?!"

There is definitely Seahawk hysteria in our house. We are all a little Hawk-crazy right now (which is totally being fueled by me and my gigantic crush on the Hawk QB). Jacob fell asleep in his eyeblack tonight. I was so proud.

This weekend was a milestone for Ryan as vocabulary has grown exponentially. Ryan has been taking his sweet time learning to say new words. At this age, Jacob was talking in sentences but, as a second born with a big brother to look out for him at all times, Ryan has not really had a need to talk for himself. However, his vocabulary has grown four-fold, seemingly overnight. My new favorite words that Ryan says are butterfly (sounds like "fly-fly"), basket (which used to sound like "basko" and now, sadly sounds perfectly accurate), and pumpkin. He is no longer shy about trying new words for the first time and his first attempts at new words can be downright hilarious. 

When I ask Ryan to say a new word, he gives a sly smile as if he knows something that we do not. He will then put together random consonants and vowels in an unrecognizable form. Jacob and I say, "yay!" and clap encouragingly. Ryan's sly smile creeps further across his face, as if he has secretly known how to say the word for months and is playing coy with us. His second attempt is much more accurate, and we cheer louder, with Ryan joining in.

Ryan is obsessed with waving. He waves to strangers at McDonalds. He waves to checkers at Costco. He waves to squirrels. He waves to the moon. When he waves, his hand is limp and his arm snaps back and forth at the wrist and elbow. It cracks me up every time. 

Ryan driving at the mall. Clearly we need to have a talk about distracted driving.

On Monday after I picked up the kids, we stopped at the grocery store and, in a moment of festivity, I let the kids each pick out a tiny pumpkin. Little did I know, that Jacob would have great plans for his pumpkin. We got home and he insisted on carving, despite my repeated coaxign that he just color it with a marker. Turns out, you CAN carve a tiny pumpkin. 

Meet Pirate Patch, very appropriately named by Jacob:

He insisted that the pumpkin have an eye patch and pointy teeth. Jacob also wanted me to draw drips of blood hanging from the teeth but....ew, I drew the line right there! He is strangely fascinated by all things "creepy." As someone who has never watched a single horror movie (the parody Scary Movie films gave me nightmares for days!), I do not understand this interest one single bit. I prefer smiling witches and cute pumpkins and innocuous black kittens. 

My not-so-little-stop-growing-up boys:

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