Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Fashion Show

Working women have unique wardrobe problems.

Like, when your work wardrobe is in so much better shape than your casual wardrobe. I wake up on the weekends and stare gloomily at my casual clothes, which are old, unfashionable, stained, and in much disarray. I kind of suck at buying casual clothes/pulling together a cute casual outfit. I'm much more comfortable with my spectrum of skirts, tights, blouses, cardigans sweaters (one for every single color of a large crayola box), and blazers.

Also, whenever I put on a dress at home, the length seems totally appropriate and conservative. The second I step into a meeting, somehow my dress suddenly shrinks several inches and I feel like the conference room whore. I find myself hiding my legs under the tables. The unexplained mystery of wardrobe physics.

I have a small obsession with tights. Is that what people call them? I refuse to say the words....panty hose (shudder!)...or hosiery....(double shudder!). I was informed today that they are not stockings. But the word "tights" give me flashback images to white girly tights with little red hearts plastered all over them, you know, from elementary school. Anyway, I love tights. A nice, good pair of black sheers will dress up and classify ANY outfit. Opaques are ok...but I strongly prefer sheers (which are much harder to find, at least ones that you can wear more than once before The Rips appear). Also, it's amazing how a thin layer of tights can make you so much warmer. Magic?

I also have some fun patterned tights. But I'm less brave about wearing them. They are much harder to coordinate properly with an outfit. Today, my rose-patterned tights were staring sadly at me from my tights drawer. They needed some love. I happily obliged.

Forgive the bad quality/poor lighting.

As evident from my lame posing skills, I will NEVER be the next Miss America. But I think I'm OK with that.

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  1. I love those! When I worked in a business formal setting, where not a bit of leg skin was permitted to show, I was always on the hunt for these kinds of sheer tights. They are a great look :)