Sunday, April 20, 2014

Playing Catch-up: Trips, Birthdays, and Easter!

I seriously can't believe I haven't posted in 11 days. What the heck? I've been so incredibly busy though, so I guess it is possible.

First things first. We finally announced baby no. 3!

This picture is from 12 weeks. I am currently 13 weeks (and bigger!)
Last weekend we had Ryan's second birthday party. My son loves Elmo. So did his big brother at his age. I'm sorry, but Elmo makes me want to puke into my own hands. The high-pitched voice, the way he talks in the third person, and the fact that he's a furry puppet. Ew. But I gave in and let Ryan have an Elmo party anyway. This doesn't mean that I was happy about it!

I kept things simple and mostly store-bought. I've found that the key to a no-stress but put-together party is to run to Party City one to two nights before, buy mostly store bought things, then add a couple homemade touches. Easy, peasy, pretty, done! I added a couple simple games (throw Oscar's trash in the trash can, pin the nose on Elmo-- wish I could pin a scorpion onto his face--, and a birthday-egg hunt.)

My sister-in-law made these mind-blowing cupcakes. She's amazing.

The kids had a blast!

On Wednesday morning, I left for a three day lawyer conference hosted by an organization of prosecuting attorneys. I loved being surrounded by attorneys who do the same things I do. I loved learning about nerdy lawyer things. I loved feeling like I was back in school (but allowed to skip any lecture I pleased). I loved my per diem- yay, I can eat Skittles for dinner, for free! I loved not cooking for three days. I loved having a hotel room ALL TO MYSELF (serious, is there anything better in the entire world?). And I loved flying in this cute Dash-8 Q400....

In a moment of weakness, in which I allowed my pride of being part of this wonderful group of attorneys to take over my sense, I purchases an over-priced hideous fleece vest on which is branded in large, hideous gold thread the logo of the local association of prosecuting attorneys. But, hideousness aside, I know for a fact that I am going to wear it proudly in the aisles of Costco. I'm such a nerd.

In between CLE courses and meals and runs (yay for hotel gyms that are open 24-7!), a coworker and my boss and I slaved away at a reply brief for an important motion. It was a little stressful but we got it done just in time.

I came home to some pretty adorable, but cranky, kids on Friday night. I think they missed me but (I feel horrible saying this), I think I needed one more day away to really miss THEM. But I enjoyed their hugs and kisses tremendously nonetheless.

Saturday morning, we found out that due to a sudden sickness in the family, I would be in charge of making Easter dinner. Yikes! So, after our routine family trip to the gym (my husband and I work out, the kids play), we made a couple stops for groceries and last minute Easter items. Saturday evening was not my most favorite. I cooked from 5pm through 11pm making ham, mashed potatoes, two macaroni salads, and three carrot cake bars with cream cheese frosting. Our kitchen is pretty big but our counter space is like the counter space of an airplane bathroom. I can pretty much only cook one thing at a time. And I'm pretty sure I did five loads of hand-washed dishes (no dishwasher!). Somewhere in here, we feed the kids, put them to bed, and played Easter bunny. I collapsed into bed at 11:00pm with aching legs and a sore back! Death by cooking!

Oh yeah, we also decorated eggs somewhere in all the madness.

Jacob woke up before Ryan this morning and found ALL the carefully hidden eggs in the house while the rest of us were sleeping. I was so angry when I discovered this! Especially because I went through a lot of trouble to select perfect hiding spots. In a groggy state, I ordered that he re-hide all the eggs and stumbled back to bed for 30 more minutes before Ryan crawled in with me and the stench of his diaper haunted my nose. I was so tired that I actually spent 15 minutes trying to adjust the position of my face/nose to escape the smell. That didn't work.

So Ryan and I crawled out of bed, reluctantly, and went out to the living room. When I approached I saw that Jacob had followed my directions and had re-hidden the eggs. Except he put them all in three straight lines, one by the couch, one in the kitchen, and one by the TV. Hopefully next year's egg hunt will be a little more challenging for Ryan.

Somehow we made it to Easter Mass. Then we drove out to my grandma's for Easter lunch and more egg hunts.

Then we drove an hour further to my in-laws' house for Easter dinner. The kids got motorcycle rides from their grandpa. This was definitely the highlight. Ryan cried for ten minutes after his multiple turns were done and it was time to go inside for lollipops.

Now I'm desperately trying to sneak in two loads of laundry before bedtime and kind of dreading the return to the office. It's hard to go back when you've been gone for so many days in a row! But I know an opponent's motion briefing will be waiting me and I can't wait to read it and tear their arguments to shreds in a reply!

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  1. Whew! What a great monster recap! Love that last pic of you and Ry. And you of all ppl have no right to judge Elmo or the love of Elmo. Weren't you in love with some horse riding cow named Montana Moo? I rest my case.