Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Shenanigans

We are loving these extra hours of daylight that come with spring. While we've had a rough start to spring up here in the Pacific Northwest (this year we broke the rainfall record for March and there was a horrible and tragic landslide that took the lives of at least 33 - bodies still being recovered), there have been a couple beautiful days as well.

Today was one such day. As I stepped outside this morning with two kids in tow (and a million bags), I stopped, smelled the familiar freshness of spring that seemed to fill the air overnight as if to promise that the densely settled winter was finally lifting (like a guest who had long overstayed his welcome and was beginning to smell). I put on my sunglasses (oh how I missed those) and just smiled. It's amazing how a little change in season can make a big difference.

At my desk, I worked furiously on my second intense summary judgment motion in two weeks. I barely looked up from my computer. My days have been like this lately, with motion after motion. And I couldn't love it more. There is nothing in the world that I love more than preparing motions or responses to motions. At one point, I stopped to look out the window at the beautiful rays of sun peering through the mini-forest outside my window (yay, rural counties!), and for the first time since I started my new job (which I LOVE), I briefly entertained a longing to be home with my kids instead of at work. I imagined all the fun things stay-at-home moms get to enjoy with their children on nice weather days. Then reality hit me and I remembered from maternity leave that it's not all fun and games...but still... the freedom to come and go instead of being chained to a desk is so illusory.

After work, I picked up the kids at 5:30. We arrived at the house at 6:00. And we were off again by 6:15. We stopped by our most recently-discovered and much-loved Lions Park where I pushed the kids in the jogger for five miles. Jacob only sat in the jogger for half my run. The other half, he ran and played with the other kids. I mean...who can resist a zipline (that I somehow managed to break--oops)?!

Five miles with 70+ extra pounds. I'm running for FOUR here :) That means I get four times the ice cream!

I've been running a lot lately, averaging about 5 miles, four to five times a week. I'm finally at the point where it's not ALL painful and I'm actually beginning to see results and feel so much stronger. If there is anything I miss from my college days, it's the strength and power of my super athletic cross country body, from my muscular legs, strong lungs, lean frame, and my coveted 53 beats/minute heart rate. Someday, I hope to get there again (if I stop throwing out my back)...

After my run, I let the kids play. Ryan and Jacob raced me to the playground and back. There were whales to climb. Slides to slide. And that wonderful zipline (before I broke it). It felt so great to fill our lungs with fresh air, feel the setting sun warm our faces, and hear the crunch of grass underfoot. Spring, I love you.

We got home late at 8:00 (usually bedtime) and enjoyed some pizza. Then we ended our amazing day with ice cream topped with strawberry slices. I tucked the kids into bed and left as they curled up on the floor (where Ryan sleeps) and read stories together. This is a newly discovered phenomenon. Last week, I snuck into the kids' room after bedtime, expecting to find them asleep. Instead, I found two kids curled up together on the floor reading books together by flashlight. I was so touched that I didn't even mind that it was way (WAY) past their bedtime.


I was so worried that with the 3.5 year age gap between Ryan and Jacob, they would never have much in common. But they are learning how to play together lately and every time I witness this, it's like a giant hug for my heart.

Other fun things brought to you by spring:

Redecorating: I've been wanting to paint a picture for the kids' room for about a year now. With the extra daylight, I finally found the motivation!

Growing bellies: 10 weeks. Ok, not much to see here yet. I feel poochy but I'm actually down 4 pounds. Must be the running and the lack of appetite brought to you by all-day-sickness!

Making pizzas

Eating corn (the special Ryan method).

Beach and park adventures.

And plenty of birthdays to celebrate!

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  1. 10 weeks already!! It seems like yesterday when you got your positive. You look fantastic, btw :)