Monday, August 18, 2014

One Day Down!

I wish, wish, wish I could talk about my trial. I just finished day one and it has been an incredible, informative, amazing, and challenging experience. I got to do voir dire (questioning the jury to help in the jury selection process), which is so much more challenging than it seems.

My boss (female) asked that we wear panty hose to court, just to err on the side of caution. I usually only wear it in the winter when I'm cold and never when I'm largely pregnant. I forgot to stop and buy maternity panty hose so I was stuck trying to squeeze into my regular sheer black tights. OMG. I didn't have adequate circulation for ten hours. I think there is going to be a permanent mark on my belly from where the band dug into my skin.

30 weeks. A ridiculous sight:

Coming home and taking off my tights and my suit was the most amazing feeling EVER. Now, after a ten hour day, I get to unwind and do nothing trial related for an hour before I have to dive back into preparing for tomorrow. I forgot how much work this is! My brain feels like a large puddle of goo from all the thinking and strategizing and analyzing it has done all day. It's true what they say: your brain is a muscle! Wait, do people say that?

And now I must don a cloak of silence and not talk about my exciting trial adventures. But take note, they are VERY EXCITING!


  1. I know you'll kick butt at the trial. You're obviously a born litigator!