Friday, March 20, 2015

Signs of Spring (& Life)

After almost an entire week of hanging around the courthouse and replaying and over-analyzing every single event that occurred during trial, we finally got our verdict on Monday. It was a mixed verdict. Bleh. It could have been worse, which is what I keep reminding myself.

It's taken several days to recover from the craziness, late nights, emotional suspense, and entire gut-wrenching ordeal of trial. But it's now behind us (for now????) and I'm so happy to move on with my life. I'm also happy to finally give some attention to the other much-neglected cases on my desk. But I do love trial. And I'm going to actually miss it.

The last time I was in trial I was 8 months pregnant. What a difference 6 months makes! Ugh, I never want to be that huge again!


Now that time has jumped forward and Spring is here, I'm excited to get out and enjoy some life! Which is what I've been up to all week (in stark contrast to being in trial where it seemed like I was working all day and night, even in my sleep!)

Signs of spring and life have been popping up everywhere. The day we got our verdict, I saw baby bunnies in the office parking lot! BUNNIES! BABY BUNNIES!

Thanks to Jon waking me up several times a night for the past week, I'm extremely sleep deprived. Somehow I always seem to be the only one who never gets enough sleep. Jon cries all night and is bright-eyed each morning. Night or day, I feel like I'm stumbling around in some state of half-consciousness.

The kids trying to take a nap together (only Jon succeeding)

After work, we make our way down to our favorite park. Usually the jogging stroller is loaded with any and all entertainment the kids might need. Pictured below: skateboard, basketball, scooter, and several other balls and frisbees in the basket. We are always prepared!

One day this week we switched up our park destination and went to the beach park. I ran three miles and then we all went down to the water to play. Jake and Ryan are hiding somewhere in the picture below.

This week there was also lots of tree climbing. You can't have three boys and not engage in some kind of tree climbing. It's just not possible. 

I was particularly inspired this day to join in the fun. Hey adults, when was the last time you climbed a tree? It is seriously amazing. Go outside right now and climb a tree. I dare you. It will change your whole day.  Why should kids have all the fun?!

Somehow we end each day with a wrestling or dog-pile match. Those are fun too. There is nothing like kids to remind you about all the fun parts of life! Ugh, I remember when my days were filled with tree-climbing, dog-piling, park-playing adventures. It seems like just yesterday. Why do we have to grow up? Honestly, I don't think we really have to grow up ALL the way! In fact, not growing up all the way jut may be the secret to life.

In other news, this little guy just turned 5 months old! And he's rocking every second of all of our worlds.

If only our little Jon-Bear would actually start sleeping at night. One night he'll sleep all the way through (and then RYAN will coincidentally decide to wake up crying at 2am- without fail!) and other nights he's crying every two hours and allowing me a generous three-inch sliver of bed.

At least he's cute?! (And my last *cough.*)


  1. Baby bunnies! We don't have any cute baby animals to show us it's spring. Just some rain, mud, and canceled soccer practices.

  2. How mind boggling is it to wrap your head around the two 6-month-apart-trial photos!