Thursday, March 5, 2015

To Tide Me Over

Trial is zapping out all my life. We have a recess until next week and PERFECT timing because I just got sick. Ugh. But I also love it and am dreading for it to end. I am 100% certain I will experience traumatic let down from not having a trial date looming on my calendar or an excuse to wear my new suits. Also, I think someone should update and streamline all the annoying formal trial procedures.

I have the following suggestions:

  • Objection buzzers- just hit the buzzer when you object and let the judge make his ruling/ask for argument.
  • Causal Fridays. Why not? If we are all equal before the law, why can't we all be equal in our favorite jeans? Justice won't care. She's blind, remember.
  • Cases In Chief. Let's all just make Youtube videos about our side of the argument, post them on Facebook and see who gets the most likes?
  • Pantyhose. Must. Go. (Except for when it's cold out, then it should be lined with fleece)
We've received a couple new cases, which makes me very happy. Every time I see that a new claim has been filed, it's like a million Mexican Jumping Beans have taken residence inside my heart. I love studying new fact patterns from a legal perspective. I also love sleuthing for new facts to shed light on the fact patterns. The thing about law is that we have to judge and analyze events after-the-fact. And we have to judge and analyze events from different perspectives- two people can see the same thing in different ways. All we have are limited and imperfect tools (memory, photos, records). So practicing law is basically attempted time travel and wizardry. 

Today, I took a day off of attempted time travel and wizardry to try and shake off my newly contracted illness. Jon got his 4 months shots. He's 15 pounds, 13 ounces (50%), then Jon, Ryan, and I took a spin around the enchanting aisles of Target before we all came home and piled into my bed and slept for two hours. Thank goodness, because I'm so sleep deprived that I put the tea kettle in the refrigerator this morning. It's not enough, I could sleep forever. Well, I could except for the fact that during our nap I found an ant on my pillow and I've had phantom ant itches all over my body ever since. 

I mean, I already have to share my bed with a husband, a baby, and sometimes a toddler. Ants ARE NOT WELCOME.

After our naps we went to the park and I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining sight:

At the park Ryan and I played "throw the bouncy ball up the slide and watch it come down" as well as the "I smack your butt, you smack my butt" game a million times. Life with kids is so thrilling. 

I came home in time to pop some Advil and power through dinner-making while holding a grumpy, post-shots baby. Then Jacob bounded through the door to show me this:

I feel like it's a little unfair that Jacob gets a certificate for asking a lot of questions. I mean I'M the one who has to answer them all! For example, "what if every single chapstick in the world was as big as me" and "what if my arms were octopus tentacles and I had to eat a sandwich" and "what if the whole world was sideways?"

Jacob's been selected as Student of the Month two times now since Kindergarten started last fall. Either he is a teacher's pet or Student of the Month certificates are basically the new T-ball trophies (every body gets five). 

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