Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hurricane Jon & Other Adventures

Sometimes, on the weekend, I try to be productive. Like clean, fold, and put away four loads of laundry. Cook meals. Deep clean the floors. Wash urine-covered bed sheets (not mine). Feed hungry children. Cure owies. And pick Legos off the floor one-by-one as my feet land on them. These are things I did this weekend. And I accomplished all this while many forces attempted to conspire against me.

For example, Hurricane Jon. 

He is always trying to escape my (occasionally) close watch to eat cat food. I swear I feed him. I really, really do! He just likes cat food!

And I have to learn to do dishes with my back facing the sink so that I can monitor how much of a mess he is making. The other day he pulled a container of plastic cutlery off the shelf. I turned around, saw him banging spoons on the floor, decided that was acceptable, and continued washing dishes. Just 30 short seconds later, things somehow managed to cross the line from acceptable to "my-baby-is-playing-with-20-plastic-knives." In case you are wondering, that was not acceptable. 

Also not acceptable? Jon has decided that toilets are water tables. To my horror, I caught him dipping toys in, pulling them out, chewing on them, and dipping them back in again. It made me want to wash my OWN mouth out with soap. He earned a nice, big scrub-down that night.

Between his meddlesome exploration and his general cuteness, it's hard to get stuff done. I kinda just want to take baby selfies all day long. 

Hurricane Jon isn't the only culprit. His brothers do a good job of trying to keep me away from my to-do list. They coaxed me into a trip to the park, during which we dilly-dallied to pick blackberries.

And Jacob showed off his fancy pedaling-standing-up moves.

Friday night, my husband I hired a babysitter so we could use a gift card to a local restaurant. We finished our meal an hour before we told the babysitter we would be home. So we stopped at the new arcade that opened up near our house. He killed me at air-hockey. I think we tied at skee-ball. But I won a jackpot at a machine with spinning and flashing lights. 

This is how we prefer to gamble- with guaranteed prize tickets.

We won a bunch of prizes for the kids and totally made their night when we showed up back at the house with our arms full of blow-up swords, stuffed dinosaurs, and a can of worms. 

Ryan, Jon, and I had made our own trip to the arcade earlier in the week. It's probably our new favorite place. And I'm dead set on winning another jackpot. 

Saturday we jumped on the ferry boat to Seattle for Jon's first Mariner's game. We took the other two boys to their first game last year and, to our surprise, the boys didn't destroy us and we all actually had fun. Jacob is an amazing cheerleader. The stadium was full of Blue Jay fans and he gave them a run for their money during informal cheering and chanting competitions all night. When the M's started to lose in the last two innings, Jacob stepped up and provided enough entertainment to keep Section 314's spirits high. 

This guy had us laughing pretty hard as he kept chanting, "Mariners rule and Blue Jays DROOL!" to the sea of Blue Jays fans behind us. Surprisingly, no one threw anything at us.

He would cheer and then randomly break out in faux-beat boxing dance moves. I think he's been watching too many homemade YouTube music videos. 

Jon's first game! Also: a baseball game is not a great place for a baby to nap. 

Jacob's face is my favorite part of this picture. 

Safeco Field with downtown Seattle in the background.

Ballfield baby selfie. Sadly this was taken pre-M's hat purchase.

Such is our luck...we managed to go to the only game the Mariners have lost in the past four games. The very next day, today, the Mariner's not only won in the 10th inning after a very exciting regular game (tied up by the M's in the 9th by a homerun), they had their first triple play since 1995! For the Mariner's sake, I should just stay away from Safeco field from now on.

After the game, we put the kids to bed as early as possible. They've been really bad about fighting sleep lately. We'll tuck them in at 8 p.m. and yet sometimes they are still up at 10 p.m. chatting or crying, or both. Must be all the daylight. Never thought I would actually look forward to night coming earlier in the day.

After the kids went to bed, my husband and I sat down for our nightly ritual of watching Game of Thrones. We've ripped through three entire seasons in a month. The show is very well done and the characters are captivating. My only beef with the show is that it there is so much unnecessary nudity. It's just so blatantly unnecessary that it makes me literally eye roll. And it's almost exclusively women. I mean COME ONE. Either NO nudity, or equal amounts of men and women. Ugh. Women can be objectified for no critical plot-related reasons, but men are fully clothed during sex and torture and bathing. Yep. Totally makes sense. (Speaking of objectifying men...Jon Snow = my latest swoon.)

Anyway.....despite the many adventures and mis-adventures of the past couple days, I was still very productive and checked all the chores off my to-do list. I'd say that's a pretty big success.  

And to wrap up this weekend post....

Our dalias are blooming!

And Jon makes a pretty darn cute farmer.


  1. I was hoping you'd gotten to go to the triple play--darn! But I can't even begin to imagine corralling three at one time at a game. My kid would have been flirting with every male in a 20 mile radius.

    1. Ha ha, already?! You're going to have your hands full managing all those boys :)