Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This Post Contains: Biceps & Dogfood

I got up this morning full of ambition. I checked the YMCA class schedule, picked a class to attend after work, and threw my workout gear in a bag. Included with my workout gear were my very bright, new pair of running shoes: Nike Pegasus.

These are the best running shoes ever. I've been wearing them since I ran on the track and cross country team in college. But two years ago, I couldn't find them at the store and had to substitute for a different pair. They did the job. But they just weren't the same as my trusty old Nike Pegaus. One day recently, I was determined to find a pair of Nike Pegasus. So I piled all kids in the car, bribed them with bags of chips, and dragged them to all the sport stores. I squealed in delight when I finally saw these on a shelf (I was so excited to find my shoes that I was willing to overlook the hideous color although I do get complimented on the color ALL the time...um, ok then...).

I've been cross training a lot in an effort to build more muscle and ease up on my poor runner's knees. I love trying out new classes. My personal favorites are cycling (spin), TRX suspension, and HIIT. The result of cross training has been awesome. Guys, I have biceps! My diastasis recti is almost gone! (After my second baby, I took everyone's advise about diastasis recti too much to heart and didn't do any ab work for fear my abs would tear farther. But it turns out, in my case, that was keeping my abs from heeling! So: scissor kicks and planks and sit-ups!Yay!).

Biceps- PROOF!

Today, I was determined to make it to the HIIT class after work....and even as I walked out the office door at 5pm, I was mentally preparing for a trip to the gym. But somewhere in the three minute walk to my car, I convinced myself that working out was over-rated and I should go home and hang out with the kids and cook dinner.

My husband took the big kids to the park and Jon and I danced in the kitchen, skewering chicken and making some amazing thai peanut sauce in the process. Jon wasn't as up to the task as I was. He got grumpy somewhere about halfway through skewering the sixth chicken breasts (hey, little boys have HUGE appetites). I wrinkled my nose in frustration at all the work I still had left to do. So, to buy some more time, I threw handfuls of baby treats all over the floor, as if I were feeding a dozen smelly indoor pigeons.

It worked like a charm.

This is probably against the rules in every baby book known to man.

But so is letting your baby eat cat food. And Jon seems to do OK with that. It's not like I encourage it or anything. He's just too fast and sneaky sometimes. <cough> third child </end cough>.

Speaking of babies eating animal food. I was in Target two days ago and nearly bought these for my kids:

And then I realized it was dog food.

Seriously. Moms are tired. WHY would someone package dog food to look like baby food? WHY?! I've got a bone to pick with someone.

Baby food, for comparison:

They are even all the SAME COLORS! And SAME FONTS. WHAT TO THE HELL?!

Let's move beyond the fact that this dog product looks exactly like a baby product. Now let's focus on the fact that this particular item is a "Meal Enhancement" for a dog. What? Huh? Why? Do dogs work out in gyms now?

And now the REAL problem.....it's in a pouch. With a twist-off, replaceable cap. WHY IS IT IN A POUCH? Oh DUH. Because you can't fit a dog bowl in a doggy purse. And because dogs can't just sit down and start lapping out of a bowl in between grocery shopping and yoga class. That would be so inappropriate.


  1. Nice biceps. I think heading home to make homemade thai food is ambitious in itself, and the baby food/dog food comparison is hilarious. The only thing that would have tipped me off to the fact that it is dog food is the price, because if you're spending $2.79 on one of those suckers, you're getting ripped off. :)

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