Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Fast & Furious Post About Everything

So much is happening and I don't even have time to tell you all about it! So this quick and dirty little summary of adventures will have to do.

FIRST....Ryan turned four. Holy Moly. I always think of four year olds as babies still. I mean, someone who's only been alive for four years can't be that articulate or observant or even, well, kid-ish. Right? Gah. Then why, when I look down at my four year old, does he seem so grown up and experienced in the ways of the world? This person is no baby! He's not even a toddler. He's a straight-up legitimate person! But he's only been alive for four years. How?!

He wanted a Dinosaur Star Wars birthday party. I had no idea what that even meant. So I made it up. In case YOU ever wanted to know what a Dinosaur Star Wars ("Dino Wars") looks like, here you go (not pictured: jedi swords and dinosaur masks):

It's sharp tooths versus leaf eaters. It was getting all Land Before Time up in here:

He was VERY pleased with his cake. Especially because Darth Vader is his favorite person ever. He has no clue who Darth Vader is, but....

Obligatory family shot in the front yard:

I desperately need a haircut. I've been saying that for about two months. However, I've been so busy that I haven't had time to simply go online and book one (also because I forgot my password to the haircut salon website and the thought of having to reset it was simply too much for my over-loaded brain to consider). So you can imagine that I was SO excited when I finally booked a cut for Saturday am. Except when I got there, I learned that the haircut was actually scheduled for NEXT weekend (I'm so awesome). So Jon and I explored and went on an impromptu adventure of puddle jumping and sight seeing near the marina).

He thinks he's such a good helper. He doesn't realize that he's the sole reason we still have to cart this stroller thing around in the first place.

Can I just be weird for a second? I have an obsession with toddler legs. They are simply the cutest things in the world. Not quite baby legs but still too cute to be kid legs. They are stubby and chubby and adorable. I pinch Jon's legs ALL the time. Look: so pinchable!

Jon has a runny nose (AGAIN). I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that he's probably been healthy 4 entire days out of all of 2016. Running noses, ear infections, the flu, coughs. I'm so frustrated. He was coughing most of Saturday night and kept waking up crying. I finally pulled him into bed with us and was promptly displaced. So yeah, I slept pretty great Saturday night.

This morning I was exhausted and accidentally overslept and missed church. I've been working over time preparing for an upcoming trial and I also starting a new exercise program (omg, I've missed running SO much AND I'M starting to accept that I may be having a love affair with strength training and the new weights I purchased for the same). More work, less sleep = a very unsustainable condition. After sleeping in (sleeping in = 9am). I met up with a friend at the Tacoma Children's Museum. We chatted for an entire ten minutes, in between chasing after our collective five children. But it was great and I miss friendship.

Jon, doing everything Ryan can do.

After the museum, I took the kids for a walk around Tacoma. I miss having mini adventures with them. We need to get out more often with no other agenda or list of errands to accomplish.

Union Station (which is now a federal district court house and the place where I had my trial last year).

Walking adventure complete, I dropped the kids off at home and ran to Home Depot where I loaded up on vegetable and herb starts for my brand new garden! I've never had a garden before. My husband is the green thumb and dedicated landscaper/lawn care engineer. But he built me a raised garden bed and I decided to pull the trigger and actually plant something. I admittedly have NO CLUE what I'm doing. I just purchased things that didn't require 100% full sun (because: Seattle) and followed the planting instructions on the little plastic cards. I have to admit, that some of the planting instructions left me more than skeptical. Really? Cucumbers must be planted 18 inches apart? Really? I might not have followed the rules exactly (and this is probably why all my plants will die).

My brand new babies. Looking so green and beautiful!

Bringing my new babies home from the nursery! No going-home-outfit required :)

I had to run into Target after Home Depot and I sat in the parked car for half a minute wondering what I was supposed to do with all the plants. Are they like children/pets? Will they die in a hot car? I mean they ARE alive. So I left the windows open a crack for them and sprinted into the store to run my errand. Yes, they were still alive when I came back. I SO got this.

The kids helped me plant everything. And by "help" I mean "fought over the gardening tools and squirted each other with the water spritzer." I'm not a very organized person but I have to admit that seeing all these plants in beautiful little rows makes me so incredible happy.

I've been searching for a hobby. I think I may have just found it. (Unless all the plants die in a month. Then I will be back here posting about how horrible gardening is and how much I freaking hate it and make a vow to never touch dirt ever again).

But, until PRETTY!

We have lemon-thyme, basil, mint, cilantro, squash, cucumbers, green bell peppers, strawberries, and a blueberry plant. We also planted some carrot and onion seeds (in the blank spaces). I asked Jacob if we should name some of the plants and he looked at me like how I imagine an exasperated teenager would look at his parents. Ok, maybe I have gone a little bit insane.


  1. I see lots of pesto in your future! Fingers crossed for your garden. I started mine a year ago and its definitely a learning process--but once you find out what works well in your little microclimate it's a lot of fun :) I've learned a lot from following blogs/instagram of gardeners who live in my area. Good luck!

  2. Oh my god TAKE THE MINT OUT! Quick! Mint is aggressively invasive. It will take over your garden, then go into your yard, even from a raised bed. Keep mint contained in a pot. Don't be like me.

    1. Really?!! Yikes. Thanks!

    2. It'd take a year or two, but yeah. That root system is crazy sneaky. Bonus: cutting your grass smells minty fresh.