Sunday, May 8, 2016

A T-Ball Team For Ryan, And Other Adventures

I started this post last weekend. I uploaded all my favorite pictures from the week and then life got hectic and I didn't get around to actually writing anything. So, without any reason or rhyme, here are some highlights from my life circa last week:

Jon "helped" me load the dishwasher one night. And by helped, I mean rearranged all the dishes in such a way that broke all my dishwasher loading rules. I'm a pretty easy going/go-with-the-flow/whatever kind of person. I wash my whites and colors together. I pair socks without their proper matches. I throw all my veggies and fruits in the same fridge drawer (without any type of organization whatsoever). My desk is full of paperwork piles. Hey, each pile represents a different case-I'm not an animal. But when it comes to loading the dishwasher, ALL the dishes have to be JUST RIGHT. I think this is a product of not owning a dishwasher for the first 8 years of my married life. Or it could be the fact that you HAVE to load it just right to squeeze enough dishes in there. So, while I appreciated Jon's efforts, I was not exactly excited to see this:

We finally signed Ryan up for T-ball and he couldn't be any more excited. Jacob is on his second year of playing (coach-pitch this year) and Ryan, who loves baseball just as much if not more than his brother, has been so patiently waiting for his turn. Over the past couple weeks, he formed an imaginary baseball team in his head and told us all kinds of wild stories about the goings-ons of his team. "Mommy, there are five boys named Alex on my team." "Mommy, one kid on my team was mean and punched me." "Mommy, my coach says I can hit the ball first next time." So when we actually took him to his first practice with his REAL team, he was ecstatic!

His swings are STRONG and pretty darn accurate. This four year old is ready for coach pitch and can out-hit his 7 year old brother (who's not too shabby himself).

 During a lull in the practice, Jon waltzed right up, put a ball on the tee and took his own swings. I'm afraid that I have a house full of baseball lovers and every nice Saturday from here on out for the next 18 years will be consumed with baseball activities.

One of my favorite activities at the end of each day (when I remember, that is), is to check Jacob's school folder for completed work. I often find a piece of paper with a long list of objects that have something in common. One day I found a list of every animal that belongs to the cat family. From Tiger to Tabbey to Lynx. One day I found a list of rock types. Another day I found a list of food items- hotdogs, pizza, ice cream, sandwiches. Another day I found a list of cities. Then I finally bothered to asked Jacob what type of school work this was supposed to be. Why was his teacher asking kids to make lists all the time? Jacob told me it wasn't work at all. He does it all on his own. He likes to make lists during his designated free-choice time. Ok....random!

Well last week, I found a new list in his folder. It was a list of "Things I am." This was part of that list:

Really? "Octopus slayer?" What does that even mean?!

Later in the week, the boys started noticing new "visitors" to our yard. Wild bunnies! We would see them scamper across our yard and dash into nearby shrubs. Perhaps the scally-wags are after my garden! Jacob begged and begged his dad for a pet bunny and finally my husband said, "if you can catch a wild one, you can keep it," knowing full well that that was an impossible task. It didn't stop Jacob from trying..... Here is his "bunny trap." There's a carrot under there.

Here is Ryan and Jon and me at Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA. The most memorable thing that happened at this event was I picked up a hula-hoop and hula-hooped for the first time in 22 years (so fun!). I showed Ryan how (I had to throw the hoop around his waist) and he giggled in delight! Jon just enjoyed carrying the thing around the field. I had to pry it from his talon-like grip on the way out.

And here is a selfie of me for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I was really digging my hair and wearing my favorite scarf that morning.

And I would like to leave you with my absolutely favorite, semi-legal themed comic ever:

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