Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hooded Pool Robe!

We discovered an awesome new park near our house: an outdoor heated kid's wave pool! It also has a little circular pool for tots and a BATH warm (which is much warmer than normal "heated" pools) splash pool with pool toys, stationary water guns, and fountains. It is so amazing. And since it's run by a nearby city, it's amazing affordable. Kids 4 and under, get in free (JACKPOT!).

I've only known about this park for a week and we've been there twice already. The first thing Jacob says when he wakes up is "Can we go to the pool park?" And the last thing he says before bed is, "When we wake up, can we go to the pool park?" Obsessed? Yes.

Using a pattern I came across on Pinterest, I made Jacob a Spiderman pool robe just for the "Pool park." I made my own little changes and added a hood. When Jacob saw it (and the Spiderman applique) he freaked out. I took photos of my crafting so that I would remember how to make more in the future. This is my first tutorial, so bear with me!

  • 2 bath towels
  • scissors
  • pen
  • sewing machine
  • fabric for applique
  • bias tape
  • buttons/snaps
1. First, find two beach towels. I got these at Fred Meyer for $2.50 each! Score! Cut each towel to the desired length. I made our robe 30 inches long and it was perfect for him- he's about 40-42 inches tall. I used one of Jacob's t-shirts to determine the length. Then I folded each towel in half, lengthwise, and cut.

 Save one of the scraps ("remnant pieces") to use later to make a hood.

2. After you cut both towels, place the towel pieces on top of each other so that the hems are lined up. The hem will become the bottom of the robe.

3. Mark a t-shape on the towel to form the basic shape of the robe (see red marks in photo below). I started with the measurements suggested in the other robe tutorial and played with them a little to come up with the following measurements (note that every towel brand will come in different sizes):

4. After you draw the pattern, cut.

5. To make the neckline, start with one piece of towel. This will be the front of the robe. Measure a semicircle neckline shape about 8 inches across and 2 inch from the top.

6. Now make a similar neckline shape on the other towel piece. This will be the back of the robe. Make this one 8 inches across and only 1 inch from the top. 

7. To make the hood, grab one of the scrap or remnant pieces. I cut about 2.5 inches off the side so the the total side measured 22 inches long. The hem piece (the left side, in the picture shown) will be the part of the hood that goes around the face.

 8. Then fold the piece in half, keeping the hem piece to the left. Measure along the bottom. It should be at least 8 inches long to match the necklines. You may want to add an inch or so. For some reason, I didn't make mine long enough- I think my neckline ended up longer than 8 inches wide.

9. Sew the back of the hood (the opposite side of the hem and marked in the photo below with red marks), you ca sew a straight line or give it a slight curve.

 10. Cut the front piece of the robe in half.

11. Sew on any decorations or embellishments.

It helps if you have a cute little helper :)

He wanted to get in on the sewing action.

 12. Turn one of the front piece so that the back is facing up (the embellished side will be facing away) and place it on top of the back piece. Match the pieces up along the sides and sew as shown by the red marks in the photo.

13. Do the same for the other front piece.

 Then turn the pieces ride-side-out.

 It's coming together!

14. Add the hood. Open up the hood like shown in the photo below and piece the bottom of the hood along the neckline. Pin it in place, wrong sides together, and sew. Like I said, my hood was too short to cover the entire neckline, so I just centered it and hemed the rest of the neckline that wasn't covered by the hood. If your hood is a little bit too long, then sew the ends first. You can gather the extra fabric in the back and make a pleat or two.

15. Now just add bias tape (or you can just turn the edges in and sew a hem) to both front sides where the robe opens. Add snaps or buttons. Finish the embellishment details.

And you're DONE. Ta-da!!

I want to make one for me now!

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