Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I LOVE Summer

After dinner tonight, we loaded up the stroller and headed out to our nearby park. I've said this a million times but it remains true: the Seattle area is one of the most gorgeous places on earth. We happen to live in a wonderful area that is slowly revitalizing (read: down trodden neighborhood with cheap homes -- except for ours, of course, because we bought at the peak of the market -- with lots of public money being invested into local revitalization projects). Apparently, there used to be a meth lab on our street. Thankfully it's gone now. But the sex offender apartment is still standing proudly (we walk quickly past that building) as is the house with the toilet planters out front.... HOWEVER....trust me. It's a cute little neighborhood, surrounded by water, beaches, and majestic mountain views.

We also happen to live within a mile of five parks. One has a large playground with a boat launch, a beach, and a grassy field that hosts a farmers market every Thursday. Another has a play stage and musical instruments made out of rocks and other natural material. But my favorite park is the Harborside Fountain Park. Five large spouts that shoot water into the air. It's right next to the ferry terminal and right on the water. It's just beautiful.

I think my favorite part is really just the walk to get to the park. We pass a mile of residential city streets that display unique craftsman homes from likely 100 years ago (like our own home). Most of the houses are in need of TLC. But they are adorable. Oh how I love to house-watch.

Here is the back of the park, which faces the ferry terminal and the beach. Also featured: Jacob's favorite climbing rock.

The marvelous fountains. The park abuts a large naval shipyard which has influenced the theme of the park. We live in a navy town. When a large navy ship is in port, our population increases dramatically. Our city is rough around the edges but golden at heart. It's bursting with personality.

The kids love these wading pools/fountains. Interestingly enough they weren't made with kiddie play in mind. But you know kids....

Ryan loves to watch the ferries come and go. Especially at 7:30pm when it is close to his bed time and he is too crabby to play.
Tonight, he insisted that his two stuffed bears (that he has barely even noticed once in his short two-year life) had to come with us on our walk. Suddenly he is inseparable from these bears. It might have something to do with a nasty cold he is fighting.

After a hotdog picnic, Jacob jumped right into the water. And waited patiently for the fountains to erupt. He has the timing down to a meticulous science.

Today the temperature reached a high of 92, which according to the radio was a new record for July 1st. Oh man, could we feel it. It was too hot to move. It was too hot to stand still. It was too hot to do anything. Except to be splashed.


Since my husband joined us (which has been rare lately due to all the work he has been putting into our yard), I grabbed Ryan for a few quick pictures.

23 weeks!

Ryan and Daddy sitting and chatting...probably about balls and motorcycles and fire trucks. You know, all the important stuff.

And when we all had enough play, we enjoyed a sunny walk back home. On the way we stopped at the local 7-11, where you never know what you might see. One time, I saw a man walk in with a gigantic pet snake wrapped around his neck.

Summer Slurpees!

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  1. Sigh. I'd move up there in a heartbeat! (It actually is a remote possibility--but I can dream!)