Saturday, July 19, 2014

Important Things That Happened This Week

I ate an entire box of Honey Nut Cheerios by myself (I'm never letting Jacob beg me into buying cereal ever again).

I used my belly as a table.

There was plenty of bike riding.

And laughing. Apparently I have what it takes to take on toddler stand-up.

Today at the park, Ryan was having a "tea party." This means, he would bring my husband and me imaginary cups of tea, which we would drink. We started to pay him for the tea in imaginary dollars. Jacob was being a stinker and pretended to steal the imaginary money right from Ryan's pocket. Ryan threw a huge fit because Jacob took his imaginary money. Jacob refused to give back the imaginary money. I gave Ryan new imaginary money. Jacob stole that money too. Eventually, I had to demand that Jacob return all the imaginary money he stole. I felt like I was in that scene from Hook where the lost boys are having an imaginary feast. Basically, I felt totally ridiculous. Parents totally live on an odd, foreign plant 75% of the time.

I found my favorite pregnant outfit (yay, almost Seahawks colors!). I got so many compliments, which really makes your day when you are 26 weeks pregnant and feel the opposite of cute/attractive.

On a similar note, after work the other day a guy drove by, slowed down his car and was halfway through catcalling me when I turned around, revealing my big preggo belly. He immediately stopped mid-catcall and looked totally embarrassed (I guess he is not a fan of baby bellies?). It was hilarious. I wanted to yell back, "excuse me, what was that you were saying?"

I had an OB check-up. I was totally freaking out that my hospital was going to become an out-of-network provider and that I would have to change OBs and my hospital (second nearest one is almost an hour away) in my third trimester. I was a total ball of anxiety all week. When I brought this up at my appointment, my doctor assured me it was a DIFFERENT insurance company that was dropping the provider from the network. I totally could have kissed her!

My husband found our boys sleeping like this on Thursday morning. Jacob is cuddling Ryan. And there are train tracks all over the floor that were not there when I put them to bed.

Jacob's cousins spent the night tonight. Before they came, all on his own initiative, Jacob organized and set in motion a big treasure hunt. Jacob drew each cousin a treasure map. Then he put together a box of treasures which he hid in the backyard. This kid is so imaginative and such a leader. He amazes me almost everyday.

I forgot to snap a picture of the treasure map, but I did snap a picture of the back of one. He wrote the word "outside" to let his cousins know where the hunt would take place.

Ryan's new favorite phrases: "What the hell!" and "I'm TALKING to you" (when no one answers him).

I had a photo session for the boys this morning. So of course, I woke to find them both covered in self-made marker tattoos. Luckily, a bath took care of most of the damage. When we arrived at the photo session, Ryan cooperated through two quick snap shots and thereafter erupted into a complete meltdown. The next 30 shots were a complete disaster. Fortunately, the first two shots are perfect! Phew.

We got donuts at the grocery store after the photo shoot. My husband ran off to order a breakfast sandwich while I supervised the kids eating their donuts. Jacob started to whine that he was thirsty, really laying on the dramatics. I couldn't find a drinking fountain anywhere and couldn't leave the kids and all our groceries to track down a water. A complete stranger, who had been watching the entire thing but never said a single word, went to the local Starbucks and brought back a cup of water. I completely melted at that act of kindness. I love when strangers don't judge you during a tough parent moment and instead, try to make your life easier.

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  1. I would definitely cat call you if I saw you in that outfit, too! From one preggo to another, share the shopping details??