Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Don't Even.

As excited as I am to have a baby, I think I'm equally excited to just NOT be pregnant anymore. I don't understand why people say they enjoy being pregnant. I hate everything about it.

Mostly, I can't wait for the stupid comments and constant remarks to end. Yes. I'm pregnant. DUH. Pregnant people get bigger. I own a mirror, thank you very much. The size of my belly is obvious to everyone, including me. I don't need someone to give me the stats on my appearances every single day.

I'm just so incredibly sick of it. Today when I was picking up Jacob from after school care a shirtless, backward-hat wearing 30-something year old man yelled at me from across the parking lot, "You look miserably pregnant." GEE, THANKS ASSHOLE. What exactly was the purpose of your comment, other than to be a complete jerk. Even if he was trying to be nice, why would he think I would want some random male stranger to publicly and vocally sympathize with me on pregnancy?

People at work are well-intentioned but I dread confronting any coworker because I'm tired of the inevitable comment about how big I look, even when it is prefaced by or suffixed by or sandwiched between a compliment. I'm running out of responses. Polite responses anyway. Thanks for commenting about my physical appearance (again), you are only the fourth person to make the same obvious observation about my belly this past hour. And I changed so much from when you commented yesterday. I really appreciate the update.

I just don't get why people are so uncensored about the physical appearance of pregnant women. It's ridiculous. We wouldn't tell a fat person that she is only big in her middle and the rest of her is normal. Why do people (especially people who aren't close friends) feel like it's ok to make the exact same comments to me? I wouldn't tell someone she has a giant pimple on her forehead. Why do people feel like it's fair game to make comments about my physical appearance every single day? Every. Single. Day. It's come to the point where I park my car at work, make a bee-line for my office, and try to hide there all day in order to avoid commentary.

I appreciate the kind smiles and the silent-but-knowing glances from strangers and passersby. I don't even mind the obvious stares all that much. I'm just sick of hearing what everyone thinks how I look. This is my third pregnancy. I've heard every "clever" remark there is. Seriously, unless you are going to offer me a chocolate chip cookie, leave me alone!!

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