Sunday, October 19, 2014

Last Day

I had every intention of making the last couple days before baby gets here a fun and memorable time for the kids. But OH MY GOSH. My kids have been demons.

Saturday morning, I doled out five time-outs and took away TV privileges all before 9am. They still continued to fight over everything and argue with me at every turn for the rest of the day. They even managed to fight over the proper method for putting away Legos. SERIOUSLY?!

Today wasn't much better either. I'm seriously starting to worry that there is no way I'll survive my four month maternity leave. I feel like a yelling monster. I'm SO sick of enforcing time-outs, administering reprimands, and mediating every little dispute.


But despite the frustrations of the past couple weeks, there have been a couple shining moments.

A trip to the park - the last day there will only be the two of them:

Pumpkin carving:

And Ryan being goofy. Ryan: "Mom, I a robot!"

I'm kind of in denial about what's going to happen tomorrow. Maybe that's a good thing. Less time to be anxious.

But denial or not, we are at least ready! Today I packed baby's diaper bag, my hospital bag, Jacob's school backpack, an overnight bag for the two big kids (sleeping at grandma's for most of the week), and finished assembling the car seat.

Ugh, I'm ready too (40 weeks)

Yay! After tomorrow, I won't be pregnant anymore!! And most likely, I will never be pregnant ever, ever again. My surgery is at noon tomorrow and I'm not allowed to eat anything after midnight tonight. Not that I'd be able to eat tomorrow anyway. Ahh, this is really happening?


  1. I hardly ever comment, but wanted you to know I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. (sorry about the Seahawks :( )

  2. Thinking of you today, and watching for updates!!