Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkins Before Babies

This weekend I had the best of intentions. I had planned to finally start getting ready for baby. Because, you know, I'm only two weeks away from D-day and had done absolutely NOTHING. From the look of our house, you wouldn't expect that we would be adding a new person to our family in exactly 14 days.

So, I thought I would take the time to cross off all the things on my half-assed baby list. Like: set up the bassinet, get the car seat ready, wash all the newborn clothes and blankets, pack a hospital bag, and buy bottles and baby shampoo and other baby accessories.

What did I actually manage to do? As I was putting the boys' dirty laundry into the washing machine, I haphazardly threw in three newborn outfits. Sorry new baby, no Dreft for you. So. At least baby has three things to wear when he gets here. Aside from diapers and boobs, newborns really don't need much of anything else anyway, right? Places to sleep, like cribs and bassinets are overrated anyway.

In other news, my two year old frequently tells us that things are stupid. He also likes to say that he hates us. He literally turns from sweet toddler giving me hugs and forehead rubs to devil child kicking and screaming his extremities in wild protest in just a matter of seconds. It's quite impressive.

Even though I didn't manage to do much in baby preparation, I did spend three hours at a pumpkin patch with my family. And I don't regret my unwise time management decisions one bit. Apparently, it's much more important to get ready for Halloween than it is to get ready for the birth of your third child.

Last year we discovered The Best pumpkin patch in the entire country. And if it's not really The Best, well, it's pretty far up on the list. There was bouncy houses, mechanical bull riding (even for kids), zip lines, monster trucks, a zombie safari (I've never been brave enough to check that out), a jump pillow, camel rides, pony rides, a cow train, hay rides, duck races, pig races, a petting zoo, long slides, a playground, go carts, tether ball, a live band, goat feeding, food ... oh, and pumpkins, duh!

I took over 200 pictures at the farm today but I promised myself that I would only post my favorite ten pictures (it's your lucky day!).

It appears that Jake was just not cut out to be a bull rider. Out of three attempts, his longest ride was 2 seconds.

So tall. This settled once and for all an ongoing debate I have with my husband. He insists he is 6 feet tall. I know he's only 5'10." I win.

Cow train made with oil cans pulled by a tractor (not pictured)

Accidental action shot.

Daddy giving the kids a lesson in tether ball.

Zip line! Jacob flapped his arms like a bird for the first half of the ride and thought he was hilarious.

My babies this year.
So big compared to last year:
I found a pumpkin just my size!

I left pumpkin selection to the experts. They took their job very seriously.

Obligatory family shot. And my new favorite picture :)

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  1. I love it! (And your "just your size" pumpkin.) And I've always assumed those height charts rarely go past 50" for the simple reason that women would be able to tell their husbands they aren't actually as tall as they think they are!