Saturday, February 28, 2015

Life Is Good: Writing Motions & Sniffing Babies

I published a mean-spirited post this morning about the great vaccination debate (which I can't believe is even a debate). But my 10:30 am self was much nicer and more tolerant than my 7:30 am self and I decided to take it down. Now I can clean my hands and my mind and move on to happier things, like Jimmy Kimmel.

If you haven't seen the Jimmy Kimmel clip on this must see it RIGHT NOW. Not just because he is my secret celebrity crush. But because he is actually freaking hilarious. Is there anyone out there who can watch an entire episode of his show and not think to herself 100 times, "I want to have all this man's babies!" ? Fair question.

Work this week was exciting and busy as usual (LOVE my job- I think I've said that before). How amazing is it that we get to be heard and solve our disputes before a (hopefully) unbiased court? It makes me wonder if there can be an equally awesome way to settle sibling disputes. Because most of the time I give up trying to figure out who is the wrongdoer and send them both to their rooms so I can enjoy my tea in silence over the loud roar of two children screaming from timeout.

Pro-se plaintiffs are seriously the best. THE BEST. Reading their briefs is probably the highlight of my day. I just read a petition for review to the Supreme Court in which a pro-se plaintiff attached the entire Declaration of Independence. I mean, this man gets 100 points for creativity. Also, he gets 100 points for knowing what the entire Declaration of Independence actually says....because I probably know nothing beyond that first paragraph. I remember being in middle school and thinking, "I'll never need to know this history crap. But I'll probably need to divide fractions like all the time." yeah... the only time I've ever used fractions since then was when I've split a candy bar three ways (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

On Friday, I had to work on an unexpected motion and hadn't planned childcare in advance (was going to be my day off). So Ryan and Jon were my little assistants and came to the office with me. I held Jon and Ryan was my little shadow as I walked all over the office carrying on work as usual- conferences with coworkers, trips to the printer, trips to the bathroom. Jon was a great help with motion writing. But Ryan just wanted to keep hitting all the buttons on my computer. He's NOT hired.

The best way to write a motion- with a baby snuggled in your arm!

Office selfie with my new assistant

I've also said this many time before but it's just so true right now. I feel like such a better mom when I'm working. The time I have with the kids is so much more cherished and special. I actually have time to miss them which makes me want to soak them up when I get the chance. We're back to our regular routine of being busy all week and doing special fun things on the weekends. And it's the best.

Wednesday, Jacob's school had a science fair. He goes to a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) school so I should have expected the science fair to be awesome. But it really blew my mind. Not only did the students have all their science projects on display (they start participating in third grade), but the gym was full of hands-on projects for the kids to do. Some of the projects we did included: making our own parachutes, building a ping-pong ball launcher, constructing a bridge, building a rocket and launching the rocket with an air compressor. Even Ryan was able to participate in all the activities and we ALL had a great time.

Building toothpick towers- an idea we stole from the science fair

The science fair came at the perfect time. I was just starting to lose faith in the school based upon observations and things I've heard from other people. Also, it didn't help that Jacob told me one of his classmates confessed that her mom stole things from people's pockets and that whenever a police car drives by she is afraid it is going to take her mom away. OMG. Can you imagine having this fear in KINDERGARTEN?! OMG. But you know, let my kids blow stuff up with vinegar and baking soda and you have a fan for life. Science Fair FTW.

Today (Saturday), I took the kids to the gym, we ran errands, then we played at the park. After that, we came home and did chores and I cooked dinner while Jonathan napped and the kids played hide and seek. After a family dinner (our first for the week because my husband had to work late almost every day), I sat down with the boys and we all watched Big Hero Six (highly recommend!). I rocked all my babies and tucked them into bed.

Jon had a fluffy audience during his tummy time (thank you big brothers)

Jon also had his first table experience. Bumbos are the best! 

It was a day full of typical chores and scolding and sibling fights. But it was so perfect. I got so many baby kisses and snuggles. It's amazing how therapeutic and wonderful having a little baby in the house can be (well, now that he's not a total jerk anymore). Jon is seriously our pet. Jacob and Ryan love him so much and show him so many gestures of kindness and inclusion throughout the day. Ryan always asks if he can "look at" the baby. And by "look at" he means shoving his nose two millimeters from Jon's face. Jacob loves to pick him up and hold him standing up. I love listening to them talk to him in high-pitched baby voices. Jon is definitely the center of the family around here. And he loves every minute!

I LOVE his little round head! 
I also love his eyes. They are brown in the inside and dark blue on the outside. FINALLY I have my brown eyed baby!

SO big. 4 months old!

These guys. I love 'em.

Life is so good

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