Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015 & Other News

What's happening over here?

Oh, not much. Just a man coming back to life three days after his death.*

In Big News: Ryan is potty trained!! He only pooped on my floor for an entire week! Considering the number of times this week that I had to pick up solid waste with a thin plastic bag, it felt like I had a dog park in my living room. And he only dropped his binky in the toilet twice. But we've been accident free now for several days. And I'm so happy to cut down by half the number of diapers I have to change each day. Because Jon is now eating baby food....and you all know what that means....

I had the kids' photos taken a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, the only picture I really loved was the one shot that I decided to join. I used up all of my faithful tricks (making up jokes about a dog pooping on people's heads, doing a booty dance behind camera, and demanding that the kids not smile), but nothing seemed to get their smiles going. Oh well... at least my hair looks awesome.

We had Jacob's parent-teacher conference last week. Jacob has been reading at a first grade level for a while now. The teacher wants him to be tested for their gifted child program, which will be happening next week. Parents all know how amazing their kids are, but to hear a teacher sit there and gush and gush over how well your child is doing and how great he's just indescribable. I don't think he is really my kid. I couldn't read until second grade.

Then there was Easter.

And lots of egg hunts. The kids will go to great lengths to get their hands on those plastic eggs.

There was messenger bag posing.

And monkeying around.

And pinata hitting.

And pretzel bunny eating.

And loot inventory. The kids had a total of three Easter egg hunts. One at great-grandma's house. One at Aunt Cindy's house. And the final one at home, which didn't happen until 7:30pm. The two older kids spent the night at their grandma's house last night so the Easter Bunny was able to take her precious time in hiding all the eggs and the baskets. We left the house at 9am for Easter mass and didn't get home with the kids until 7:30. The Easter Bunny wised up this year and filled the eggs with quarters instead of candy. The kids loved it!

Ryan couldn't be happier about his flashlight. He saw that and screamed for joy. It was pulling teeth to make him go find the rest of the eggs. The bunny brought Jacob an Avenger's watch. He saw it and exclaimed, "HOW DID THE EASTER BUNNY KNOW THIS IS JUST WHAT I WANTED?!" Hey bunny, you did good this year!

It was a great day!

*That would be Jesus, for anyone who didn't know.

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