Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Pictures: It Could Be Worse, I Could Post 100 Pictures of My Pet.

I have no clue what is going on but Jon is the worst night sleeper EVER. My two oldest were sleeping mostly through the night by Jon's age (maybe one wake up in the middle of the night at most). Jon's seriously killing me in the sleep department. I put him to bed around 8. He wakes up once between 9-10, then again between 12-1, then again between 3-4, then usually again between 5-7. This has been going on for the past two months. I. WANT. TO. HURT. SOMETHING.

But look Mom! I'm so cute! You can't stay mad at me!

Friday night was especially bad. He would wake up, cry for an hour, sleep for an hour, cry for an hour, etc. ALL NIGHT LONG. Generous estimate....I got maybe 4 hours of sleep that night. I was able to take a couple naps Saturday morning (with Jon) but that completely sucked up 25% of my weekend.

Sunday I stuck my finger in Jon's mouth and felt a tooth popping up. I'm guessing that was the source of our horrible Friday evening/Saturday morning. But I'd still love an explanation for all the OTHER nights he hasn't slept well for the past two months. Dude, Jon, just make it stop!

With exhausted, bloodshot eyes, I attempted to reclaim the remainder of Saturday in the name of good ol' family fun and took the kids down to the park. It was really, really gorgeous out.

Ryan does not know how to skateboard. And yet he is totally enamored by the skateboard. He carries it around the yard, inside the house (over my requests that he not bring it in the house), down to the park, in the car, to the store. Every time we go somewhere I have spend about 5 minutes talking Ryan down from bringing the skateboard with us. Needless to say, the skateboard came with us to the park on Saturday.

This is his one and only trick, and he is just so proud of himself:

I popped Jon in the swing and he was very amused by the fact that the swing brought him close and then far from me. Naturally, I pretended to eat his toes on each approach. That's just what moms do.

The big kids were so excited to see Jon in the swing. They love him. He loves them. I love that they all love each other.

The boys positioned themselves on either side of the swing and took turns pushing Jon back and forth. I had to step in when they got a little too enthusiastic. Jon can't handle all the love sometimes.

It looks like Ryan's cruising in this picture. Nope, he's just standing there. At least he looks cool. 

I forced all the boys to sit down so I can try to take their pictures. I know people probably are very sick of all my pictures (especially on FB). I admit that I may have a problem. But, you guys....taking photos is the only way I know how to remedy the passing of time. I can't tell you how much joy it brings to go back and look through all the thousands (and thousands) of pictures of my kids at every stage of their lives. And you know what? I have the world's crappiest memory. I need the camera to BE my memory. So...in other words, I'm not sorry. At least I'm not posting 20 pictures a day of my dog *cough* my sister *cough*.

Can't go to the park without an ice cream break. Ok, fine! Maybe ice cream is the only reason I actually go to the park.

On Sunday we woke up to another incredible day. So I loaded up the kids and we went to the zoo! I love our local zoo. We are members and go all the time in the summer. Sometimes we don't even go to look at animals. We just go to play in the grass, ride the carousel, or play on one of the many playgrounds.

Our first stop is always the elephants. Sometimes it feels less like we are watching the animals and more like the animals are watching us.

Checking out the tigers- the tiger cubs were wrestling

More important than elephants and tigers.....rolling down the hills. I don't know who inventing this childhood pastime, but that person is my hero. I LOVE rolling down hills. I give it a go once in a while as an adult, but unless you have really good thick grass, there are just too many soft spots to injure as an adult.

Someone forgot to teach Ryan that you have to STOP rolling when the grass ends. Right after I took these pictures, he rolled off the grass onto the cement. He got a scrape, which he showed off to each and every person we met the rest of the day.

While the tigers and bears looked fierce on Sunday, the only real threat was posed by Ryan. He's a pretty rough little animal himself. Someone should lock that kid up before he hurts his brother twice his size.

Jacob's "carthweel"

Waiting for the elevator

This double jogging stroller is probably my most prized possession. I love it so much. If my car was stolen, I would probably only mourn the loss of this stroller (which is almost always in the back). But that may also have something to do with the fact that I drive a 20 year old Subaru with 275K miles on it. But still...I LOVE my stroller.

We stopped to pose with the snake because I suddenly remembered posing with the snake when Jacob was a teeny tiny baby and was attacked by a pang of nostalgia. Took a couple tries...

Ryan's expressions are almost always the best.

Six years ago. Sniff, sniff.

 After we saw as much animals as we could handle, we stopped to ride the carousel. Ryan had to pee as soon as we got in line. And of course, we were at the zoo and surrounded by hundreds of people. "The Bushes" was just not an option. But somehow, after a very long tantrum, we were able to use the potty and claim our spots.

Ryan is often the dark horse in the family...his selection makes total sense. 

And Jake is very often my white knight. There is a psychology lesson somewhere here. 
Also: Jon's first (two second, while stopped) carousel ride!!

I've been trying to capture Jon's eye color lately but it's just not working. His eyes are a wonderful mix of blue and brown. They are brown in the middle and blue around the edges. They will probably turn all brown at some point but I just love the mix that they are right now and am determined to capture it somehow. I'm so happy to have at least ONE brown eyed baby. My family is 100% blue eyes but my husband is half Filipino. I knew it had to happen eventually!

Before we left the zoo, I saw a really obese woman fall out of her motorized chair and literally lay on her back with her hands and legs waving in the air. I was living a "help I've fallen" commercial. Zoo people had been helping her even before she fell and a medic was on its way, so I took off as fast as I could before I was unable to suppress my giggles (I'm such a bad person). Jacob was really concerned about her though. So at least I'm raising someone who is a better person than I am. 

Then we came home and my husband taught the boys how to plant flowers. He's the family gardener. I am so thankful for his skill and hard work in our lawn and our garden because I pretty much kill everything. Seriously. I bought a live basil plant at the grocery store and it was dead within 24 hours of me taking it home. I also kill all the plants in my office (side note: don't water your office plants with Diet Snapple).

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  1. Everyone knows that you should only use regular Snapple! Looks like an awesome day, Jon is looking so grown up :)