Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Guess I'll Survive Afterall

Today went pretty well. But I have a few thoughts:

(1) I need DRUGS! Tomorrow, my caffeine strike is officially ending. It's just not possible to be a productive office-dweller and cater to two small children in one day without it. Short of getting more sleep (HA! Like that's going to happen) It's the only way to make sure I don't fall asleep in medical records. Who wants to wake up from a nap to a picture of someone's colonoscopy?! Ew.

(2) Idle hands are a mom's worst enemy. I was doing so well when I got to work. I hadn't shed a single tear! I dove enthusiastically into the pile of work on my desk. I slowly cleared the cobwebs from my mind by remembering cases and my own computer password.... then lunch happened. I usually look forward to lunch. But today, it was my first opportunity to think about the kids. "Had Ryan pooped yet? Was it wet or chunky?" I looked out at the sunny weather and I could just imagine Jacob, pantsless and in his bright green crocs, combing my parents' beach for "treasures." I had to work hard to keep the tears at bay and to keep from feeling sorry for myself that I was stuck in an office and not out exploring the world with them.

(3) Shaping underwear is my new best friend. Should I eat another chocolate? Sure! Why not! My shaping underwear will hide it so it's basically like it never happened. Right? On a related note, how many butt clenches does it take to burn off a handful of M&M's?

(4)  I swear that since I've been gone, the eight hour work day has gotten loooooooonger. People really actually sit at a desk for 8 hours? REALLY?! I miss naptime!

(4) (edited: obviously there are still some cobwebs as I haven't regained my ability to count) I was spoiled to have a 4 month maternity leave. Those 4 months were such an amazing time in my life. I would happily relive any moment from the past 4 months- even the ones where I had poop splatters all over my arms or where I was doing damage control during one a very persistent and stubborn 3.5 year old's tantrum.

(5) Today, I didn't have a lot of time with the kids. In fact, we only got 4 awake hours together. BUT the quality of that time greatly surpassed any 4 hour chunk in a pre-work day.

(6) Although I had a good day, my heart felt a little teeny bit like it was breaking at some points. I know this will eventually ease up but maybe I don't want it to. I don't WANT to get used to being apart. I don't want to be desensitized (I know, I know, I'm so DRAMATIC!).

(7) Although it can be hard to be apart, there is nothing better in the world than reuniting with my adorable, tired, crabby, dirt-covered children at the end of the day. When I met my mom at our pick-up and drop off location, this is the scene that was awaiting me:

Grandma tired them out!

And then after we got home:

Trying so hard to sit up on his own

My goofy guy

Monster butt! Finally, butt embellishments for boys!


  1. I bought those monster butt pants the other day. Great minds... DM loves them the most of all the clothes for some reason! So, so cute!

  2. LOVE the monster butt!! Too cute :)