Sunday, October 7, 2012

Interrupting Baby

This evening, Jacob and Ryan hung out on the couch as I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Jacob was watching a tv show and Ryan was sitting, propped up in his boppy.  As I diced some onions, I heard Jacob say, "Mommy?"

"Hmmmm?" I answered wiping onion tears from my face.

"I won't sniff garbage out of the garbage can."

"Uh?.....Ok. That's good." I replied and muttered "wierdo" under my breath.



"I won't take garbage out of the garbage can. And throw it around like a monkey."

"Thanks. I really appreciate that." I said, coughing back a chuckle.

I was just finishing up my taco topping when Ryan began to fuss. I picked up my pace and began shoving items back into the fridge. Fussing quickly turned into crying. I finally heard Jacob say, "Shush Ryan! Shush! I can't hear my show!" #Toddler problems.....

I put our plates onto the dinning table and finally turned my attention towards the kids on the couch.

Ryan had plopped over, so that he was leaning on his side.  His face was red and his eyes were closed in anger. Jacob was sitting by Ryan's head, staring blankly ahead at the tv, and with one arm outstretched toward Ryan. But he wasn't trying to CONSOLE Ryan. Instead, he was holding the palm of his hand directly across Ryan's face in an effort to supress the noise coming out of his mouth.

I, of course, did what any good mom would do. I rushed for my camera.


  1. We were at a neighborhood block party today, and X kept putting his finger to his mouth and saying "Shhhh" when another baby started yelling... the same thing I do to him.

  2. Too funny! Oh, and I hate onion tears. Too bad I love cooking with onions. I have tried all the tricks. Apparently, I am not very good at them.

  3. Ha! Actually, come to think of it, that's how I deal with my crying baby/toddler.