Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Super Dad Saves The Day

Before my trip to Vegas, I had left my husband alone with both kids for maybe....a couple hours. Even when it was just Jacob, I think he maybe handled one overnighter without me. So, I was a little worried to be jet-setting out of the state for three nights and four days and leaving the men alone together.

I knew the kids would be fine. I was actually worried for my husband. Jacob alone can be a lot of work when you are doing everything on your own. Throw in a 6 month old baby who still wakes up 1-2 times per night and you've got one tough, tough job! I actually had imagine stepping off the airplane to a frantic husband shouting, "How do you do it!? You're so amazing. You're never allowed to leave again!"

That's not exactly how it went down. It turns out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. My husband picked me up at the airport in a squeaky clean, freshly vacuumed car filled with two sleeping kids. The kids were alive. They were clean. They were fed. My husband looked happy and upbeat. Not exhausted and frantic.

When I asked how it went he said, "Oh, it was easy. Ryan only woke up once a night and went right back to sleep. On Saturday, I let Jacob and Ryan play in the living room and then I slept in until 9am." WHAT?! He wasn't supposed to say that. He was supposed to go on and on about how essential I am to the family. That he could never do it without me! How he hasn't slept in three days. That Ryan was in tears from missing me so much. Humpff.

The real zinger though was coming home to a spotless house. With the floors swept and vacuumed, the dishes done, and the laundry folded. I was absolutely floored! The house never looks this clean when I'M home with the kids. He totally put me to shame. I guess I can't really use the kids as an excuse not to clean on the weekends anymore....

I guess it's good to know that if I ever ran away or was abducted by aliens, they'd be just fine.


  1. I am so impressed.
    If it makes you feel better, I find that in my family, the kids are all over me all the time but they pretty much leave JW alone. Maybe it's easier for dads!

  2. My husband is the opposite. I left him alone for the evening, and not only did I have to prepare Mia's dinner and lay out her pajamas, but I also came home to toys EVERYWHERE, and uncleaned up dog vomit... You didn't have a second to clean up the dog vomit?? I doubt that very much.

  3. Upside--Feel free to leave on 3 day girl-trips anytime knowing you'll come back to a lovely, pristine home!

    Downside--Feeling like you need to step up your game to 'match' super dad.

    In general, I do find that my spouse gets more done when he's watching the kid because he's just not as engaged as I am. He kinda ignores the toddler more than me. That's what I tell myself anyway.