Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Celebrity Boyfriends

Today, literally around the watering hole (or dispenser), I was discussing my recent celebrity crushes with two coworkers. We bonded over the fact that we tend to like older men. Sadly, I'm finding that my old man crushes are turning into not-so old man crushes now that I am almost 30 (groan).

Basically, my taste in men has not changed since I was in highschool. In highschool, I passed over the obvious hotties like River Phoenix, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the like. Instead, I lusted after men like Russell Crowe, Harrison Ford, Frank Sinatra (younger), and (don't hate) George W. Bush (I thought he was hot, ok?!). My penchant for liking "older" men was solidified by the fact that all of my high school crushes were on teachers rather than students my age....Ha! My high school friends thought I was pretty ridiculous. I was ok with this, less competition.

Obviously, as I've aged, my love for middle-aged and near retirement age men has become less shocking and more acceptable. So I guess you could say that I grew into my tastes. Perhaps I have always been an "old soul." Or perhaps I was destined at birth to find attractive men who have the wisdom of experience, a steady maturity, and a mortgage.

As my coworkers and I bonded over our celebrity crushes, we began a very heated debate over who was and who was not crush worthy. It was a really fun conversation. Sadly, I was forced to flee prematurely when my coworker made a comment about not being able to run her hands through Seahawk Richard Sherman's dreadlocks and I responded that there were other things to run one's hands through. At that point, jaws dropped, laughter broke out, and I turned beet red. I fanned my face with my hands and quickly excused myself before I stepped any further out of line.

Ever since then, I have been meticulously crafting my current list of celebrity crushes. Great care has been put into establishing the finest of selections. Although I have nine on my list, after the first three, they all pretty  much tie for fourth place.

I present to you.....my celebrity crushes for 2014 (thus far).

1. Timothy Olyphant (in TV shows Justified and Deadwood).

 Holy moley. My mouth is not big enough for all this drool.

He's so dreamy, he deserves two pictures. 

The hit show Justified is really entertaining and well written. But feel free to watch it just for the eye candy. Timothy makes a damn fine cowboy. 

2. John Hamm (the infamous Don Draper in Mad Men).

He can really rock that 5 o'clock shadow! Whisky and cigs anyone?

3. Russell Wilson (Seahawk QB)

He's got huge hands. And visits Children's Hospital every Tuesday.

4. Daniel Craig (Bond, James Bond...also in weird blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens)

I prefer my Daniel Craig shirtless and riding on a horse. Sadly, I couldn't find that picture.

5. Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man, 'nuff said).

6. Paul Rudd (countless comedies/romantic comedies)

7. Chris Messina (the Mindy Project)

8. Harrison Ford (old school Indiana Jones)

My heart still skips a beat for the familiar, rugged face of Indiana Jones.

9. Russell Crowe (Gladiator and Robin Hood)

As long as he has short hair.....and is wearing a Roman-style kilt.

So, who's on YOUR list?


  1. My list: Ryan Gosling, John Krasinski (Jim from the Office), Adam Levine. :)

  2. We share styles! Paul Blackthorne. Also, Timothy O. is also in Damages, S2 and is delicious. Oh! Bruce Boxleitner! From his Babylon 5 days. Also the entire cast of Battlestar Galactica (Tahmoh Penikett! Jaime Bamber! Michael Trucco! I love me some Edward James Olmos, too! And more!)

  3. George W. Bush?!?!?! WTH?! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You are too funny girl, too funny. Can I be honest about my celebrity crush? Maybe it's not really a crush, but the dude I most want to meet and hang out with (drumroll)...no joke, is the one and only...Jack Black. I don't like pretty boys.