Monday, June 23, 2014

The Greatest Weekend Of All Time

Great weekends are a double-edged sword for working moms. The positives are obvious. You enjoy yourself, spend quality time with your kids, and the worry that you are wasting precious weekend hours never crosses your mind.

But then Monday hits. The fantasy of living life without being chained to a desk and without being a slave to the clock comes crashing down as suddenly as the poisoned Snow White falls unconscious to the floor. One minute, you're enjoying a delicious, bright red apple. The next, you're in a trance of preparing lunches, responding to urgent e-mails, dressing cranky children, briefing emergency motions, cranking out laundry well past bed time (there IS no other time!), prepping for court appearances, managing pick-ups and drop-offs, and pouring over correspondence from nefarious opposing counsel. It happens every single week. But somehow, it catches you off guard every single time.

The more awesome your weekend is, the harder it is to face reality on Monday. And this weekend? In spite of a nasty sunburn (I was wearing SPF 50!) it was pretty much right there at the top!

On Saturday we met my sister at a nearby outdoor wave pool. It's one of the little known secrets of our region. It's fantastic! So fantastic, in fact, that you will often face a 45 minute line just to get in. I learned from past experiences and arrived 30 minutes before the pool opened. Turned out to be completely unnecessary, but it's never a bad thing to be prepared.

My sister and Jacob disappeared into the depths of the wave pool and practically did not return to our umbrella table until five hours later. They swam the WHOLE TIME!

Ryan was very much in need of a nap and so it took him a while to warm up to the water. This was totally fine with me because I'm not a huge fan myself. After a while, he found his niche in the baby pool and spent an hour climbing in and out while I soaked my feet in the water and (unbeknownst to me and my 50 SPF) roasted away the top layer of my skin. But I will NEVER complain about sunshine or heat. Even if it means suffering through my burns in happy silence.

22 weeks!

My handsome middle child lounging with me, Hawaii-style.

Ok, you can put the camera away now mom.

At one point, the temps must have neared 80. I reclined in my lounger by the pool and rested my eyes as Ryan slept on me. With my eyes closed, I could truly make myself believe I was on Waikiki Beach. It was complete heaven. Later that evening, as I drove two exhausted but happy kids away in my Subaru, with the warmth of the sun still emanating from my skin, and a crisp cool Diet Dr. Pepper in my cup rest, I was happier still.

I thought Saturday would be hard to beat. But somehow, we managed! Sunday morning we stopped by to visit my parents and to go for a boat ride. Nothing FEELS more like my childhood than sitting in my dad's 15 foot Bayliner, rocking over waves, with the wind teasing my hair, and the scent of saltwater being carried on the breeze.

Pre-ride muscle show.

My parents live here. I grew up (mostly) here. It is gorgeous. We are spoiled.

Watching boats go by.

Ryan dressed himself as an ewok. Cutest ewok ever.
I love it all. The smell of fiberglass. The sound of the prop whipping through the water. The rough carpet of the boat under my bare feet. The sound of boat parts clunking over choppy waves. The chill of the breeze as we speed on by. The way the wind pushes your hair back in a ridiculously persistent Frankenstein hairdo. The perpetual smile across the faces of all the passengers. The friendly waves of other boaters as they pass. You can't be in a bad mood when you're out in the boat. Somehow, when you step aboard, you enter a different dimension. Your worries slip away as easily as the land. There is absolutely nothing better.

My little beach bum.

Grandma's so much fun.

Waiting patiently for our boat ride.

Well, nothing except for sharing it all with your kids. Both Jacob and Ryan have been on the boat before. But each time is special. And Sunday proved no different.

Grandpa spoiled us by pulling up right onto the beach. We didn't even have to brave the annoying dinghy ride.

Checking out the surroundings.

Grandma is ALWAYS smiling. I swear I'm not exaggerating here. She could cheer you to death.

There is no such thing as a bad seat.

We drove the boat to a nearby town and docked just long enough to stroll through the downtown and enjoy an ice cream. My dad treated us all. My practical, frugal dad must be getting soft in his old age. (He did yelp at the fact that two ice creams put him back $7.... he's still my dad afterall!).

All docked-out and ready to party! (I'm so corny!)

We enjoyed gourmet peppermint and fresh strawberry ice cream at Mora Iced Cream in Poulsbo, WA.

I've been dreaming about that peppermint ice cream ever since.

Spending time with my parents in a different environment was so refreshing and fun. The thing about small boats is that they force everyone to be together and socialize distraction-free (well, as long as you don't count breathtaking views, exciting wildlife sightings, and the heartwarming laughter of children as distractions). I have a great relationship with both of my parents. But because they watch my kids 2-3 days per week, a lot of our time is spent talking business. Where should we meet up? Who's taking the kids Friday? Jacob did what?!

My mom was laughing so hard she bent over sideways. I love that she will laugh at anything.

Grumpy Grandpa (or as Ryan calls him "Bampa") teaching a lesson.

A perfect day with my THREE boys :)
It was really nice to sit down with them and remember that they are people too. Not just parents. Not just grandparents. Not just childcare. I'm so thankful for both of them. It's hard sometime for me to not be the one who cares for my kids all day long. But if I can't do it, there is no one I'd rather have watch my kids than my mom. I know I have my own talents, but she is BY FAR a better mother than I am. I can say that hands-down without reservation because she is far more selfless than I am. She is 10x more patient. And she is never, EVER anything less than cheerful (even when things are hard). I don't know how she does it. If I didn't know her the way I do, I'd SWEAR she was on happy pills.

Grandpa stealing a smile.

I love them. I am so blessed to have them. And a day does not go by that I recognize how wonderful they are.

P.S. Monday suuuuuucked!


  1. Looks like so much fun! You packed a lot into the weekend :)

  2. Yay for Summer! Sounds like it rarely gets over 80 in your parts. I can't even imagine that kind of weather...we're usually between 85 and 100+ here!