Sunday, May 17, 2015

Alls Well That Ends With A Backyard Pizza Picnic

I'm staying off Facebook because tonight is the series finale of Mad Men. And I can't watch it until tomorrow night. And I fully expect Facebook to be full of maddening spoilers or vague references (like "OMG! I can't believe what happened to Don!") that will make me want to punch a hole in a wall. Mad Men has been my favorite TV splurge for the past 7 years. I love to analyze the sh*t out of that show. After each episode I have intense dialogues with myself about the meaning of every single scene and the progressive or regressive development of each character. I need to know the ultimate fate of Don because I have been trying to predict and anticipate it for the last seven years. But I also don't want to know. Because then I will not be able to anticipate it anymore. Sadness. (Also, I will always be team Don/Betty- forever!)

So, this is also why I have no real friends. I'm too busy being involved in the lives of people who do not actually exist. Damn. Now you all know. Hmph.

Also, speaking of entertainment, I purchased Hozier's album (you probably heard his single "Take Me To Church"). It is fantastic. I know music is very relative to time, place, circumstance, and person. But man, this album is rocking my world right now. And this is coming from someone who has never really been into music. I mean, I listen to it of course and I have preferences. But unless I'm commuting, I actually prefer no music to music most of the time. I tend to like it for working out, but it's not a deal breaker.

In junior high and high school, the first thing someone would ask a person they were meeting for the first time was always "what type of music do you listen to?" I hated this question with a passion and would just shrug. I just don't really listen to music unless someone else has it on. I appreciate good music and there are some songs that really move me and can bring my freak out on a dance floor (including an abundance of shallow pop songs). But it's not really my THING and I don't like people trying to define me by music. Anyway....all that to say that Hozier has really found a place in the soul of a generally music-less soul. The music is soulful and catchy and the lyrics are artful and unpredictable.

I just wrapped up a crazy week at work. To rest my brain, I went shopping. And I discovered these amazing dresses. Dresses are hit or miss with me. Most dresses cling or drape in the wrong places. And I prefer structured material to flowy/loose material (see cling problem above). But this dress was so awesome that I bought it in TWO colors! I still can't figure out the best color to wear with the orange dress. Probably a navy blue cardigan (...because I live in the PNW. You just can't ever leave the house without a cardigan on hand. They should really make hooded cardigans, that would cover all my PNW weather issues).

A little short for my personal taste in the office...but I'm totally bending my own rules for casual Friday. 

Saturday was pretty much all tee-ball all day. We had a 9 am game 45 minutes away. Then the kids had a car wash event later int he evening. I will be a little bit happy when tee-ball is over. Jacob asked if he could sign up for Pee Wee Football...but one of the moms warned me it can be up to five days a week (hell to the never).

During Jacob's game, Ryan entertained me by bringing me flowers and caterpillars. He made a "home" for the caterpillar on his special blanket and picked some grass for caterpillar food. I saw him wrap his arms lovingly around the caterpillar home and whisper softly, "I love you caterpillar." I asked him what the caterpillar's name was and he told me it was "Jacob."

Hey there thumb!

Loving on Caterpillar Jacob

Later in the day, I actually meal planned and then grocery shopped accordingly! I usually do all this in a last ditch organizational effort Sunday night. My meal plan rules are pretty easy: I only meal plan dinner, I have to cook enough each dinner for at least one left over dinner, and I get extra points if veggie side dishes last almost all week (my kids are not big on side dishes). For all you ladies who prepare new dishes each weeknight, I bow down to you. I guess I'm lucky that my family has no problem with leftovers. So.... tomorrow/Tuesday will be pierogies (which I spent an hour hand making today!) and flank steak with brussel sprout salad. On Wednesday/Thursday, we will have cedar plank salmon with dinner rolls and brussel sprout salad. Friday will be grilled chicken and gnocchi in Pioneer Woman's tomato cream sauce. And now, I'm hungry.

This morning, I overheard this amusing conversation between Ryan and Jacob:

Ryan: "No one talk. Only I can talk. Because I'm a person."
Jacob: "I'm a person too."
Ryan: "No you're not. You're Jacob."
Jacob: "I'm Jacob AND a person."
Ryan: "No, only I'M a person."

Ok point arguing with a three year old.

I found this piece of Jacob art. Super boy v. Bad Guy Woman. Bad Guy Woman is riding a broomstick. I wonder if that is supposed to represent me?

Today was pretty rough. Let's just say Hallmark would not want to make a movie out of our day today. My older kids would not stop fighting. Grabbing toys away, hitting on each other, name calling, refusing to share, only wanting what the other one had. Ugh. It was constant! I screamed... a lot. When they fight, I can't even send them to different rooms or banish them to a play room. Because of our lovely tiny house, we are up in each other's business every second of the day. On top of this, Jon was fussy all day- I think he's getting another cold.

I was Jon's chew toy today.

But you know what? Maybe Hallmark WOULD want to make a movie out of this day because...we ended it with a family pizza picnic in our backyard and a spontaneous session of baseball practice. Everyone was at least half way clothed. And Ryan only got pounded in the stomach by the ball one time. Jacob only farted halfway through our picnic and Jon only spit up on my shorts once, resulting in a pooling of curdled/regurgitated milk up my legs and into my panties. Yes. It was very pleasant. Don't wear shorts near a spit-happy baby.

Ryan: "I don't always picnic, but when I do, I'm a roman emperor.

When the kids miss a catch, my husband makes them do push ups. Tee ball is serious business.

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