Thursday, May 15, 2014

Little Miss Cockypants

After two days of resting my knees by forcing myself onto the treadmill, I decided I couldn't stand any more swish-swishing on that stupid, un-natural machine. My knee hadn't hurt going down stairs lately so I figured I could try a run.

For a change of scenery, I tried out a new running spot. A pretty, ruralish community surrounding a large lake. It was gorgeous. I was so busy ogling all the pretty houses (and ducking into people's wooded backyards to "water" their wildlife every five seconds- thanks pregnancy!) that my run went by really quickly. Before I knew it, I had cranked out 7 miles. And I felt GOOD.

But most importantly, my knee didn't hurt ONE bit. Oh yeah, I felt unstoppable. So naturally, I decided to go for a couple more miles...Ha. Ha ha. HA HA HA! That's the universe laughing at my cockiness. A quarter of a mile later, my wonderful, pain free knee looked like this:

And now it hurts for an entirely DIFFERENT reason. And yes, it had to be my newly pain free knee that got all scraped up, although there is a fair amount of road burn covering the entirety of my other leg. And my shoulder. Ouch.

See, I was jogging arrogantly past my parked car, trying to decide whether to run one more mile or go all out for an even decade of miles. I was JUST thinking to myself, "I can handle ten miles. No big deal." When suddenly my right leg hit a clump of pavement unexpectedly too soon. I felt myself fall. My left leg dislodged a clump of rocky dirt from the ground and skidded across the surface. My body rocked forward and my left shoulder hit the ground. My right knee biffed it hard onto the street.

My first thought was ..... a whole lot of swear words. And until I looked down and surveyed the damage, I was tempted to keep going. But oh my gosh. So much dirt. And soon blood was literally dripping from my skinned knee. I limped back to my car, shocked, stinging from every millimeter of my lower body, and a little less cocky. Although, I felt like a bad ass limping through throngs of picnicking people with blood and guts dripping down my knees like it was No Big Thang.

After I washed up, painfully, in the dirty park bathroom, I slid gingerly into my car and proceeded immediately to the Dairy Queen drive thru. The curative powers of a Blizzard are unsurmountable. Right after DQ, I popped into a drug store (priorities!) to get extra large bandages.

Then I came home and impressed the heck out of my two little boys with my tough battle scars. Even after all this, the biggest fear on my mind is, "am I going to be able to run tomorrow?!" Yeah. The fever. I got it bad.

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  1. Ouch!

    If it was going to happen, I guess I am glad it was closer to your car and the bathroom rather than farther?

    I am sure the boys were very impressed!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living