Sunday, May 11, 2014

So Much Love

Friday night my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. The honest truth was I really only had one hope for the weekend and that was to get a nice run in each day without having to push or cart kids around.

Obligatory Mother's Day poses:

So on Saturday, I hammered out six miles on the treadmill while indulgently watching HGTV. I love the Love It or List It show but it totally boggles my mind how all these young couples have such high home budgets (like 400 to 700!). What?! We must be doing something wrong when it comes to real estate.

After my run, I made my husband stop at Panera so I could enjoy a cup of my favorite creamy tomato soup. I'm so obsessed with that soup. I don't even use a spoon. I just dip the baguette right in and lick off all the creamy goodness. Every third bite or so, the warm creamy soup soaks into the bread so much that soggy, delicious clumps of if fall into your mouth. There is totally a science to it all. I'm pretty sure it's a horrifying event to witness, especially when I wipe tomato soup from my cheeks with the back of my hand. Hmmmm. I would eat this for every meal if it were possible. My husband would not approve as he hates paying $5 for a cup of soup. worth every penny!

Sunday morning, I woke up with the kids (too early) and baked this cinnamon roll cake. It was amazing. It seriously tasted just like cinnamon rolls. I ate way too much. Lucky for me that I wished for running as my Mother's Day gift!

After eating Ryan's weight in cinnamon roll cake, I cranked out 6.5 miles at the park, which was gorgeous and sunny and right on the beach. I've been wanting to train for a half marathon and had been hoping to squeeze one in before I get too big. But after running 12.5 miles over the course of two days (which isn't even as much as a half marathon), maybe I should stick to 5Ks. My hips are killing me. My knees are a little sore. And 6.5 miles felt as long as 20.

Ryan promptly had a meltdown from lack of nap and is not pictured.
The kids played baseball in the yard with their dad while I took a long, hot bath and made some deep dish pizzas for mother's day dinner at my in-laws. Jacob came in and saw me cooking and began a cooking experiment of his own.

It was...interesting. But I'm not sure it was edible.

Jacob made me two more Mother's Day cards. I love that he's old enough to be thoughtful on his own and make my gifts. I love children's art and handwriting. And the pride that children take in presenting their artwork/gifts. Makes me melt every time. The lack of presents or larger gesture was completely welcomed. I'd much rather fuss over the other moms in my life than be fussed over. It's nice to be appreciated and to be able to revel in a day where I am celebrated for my role as a mom. That's really more than enough.

After a wonderful dinner with my in-laws and my sister-in-law's family, grandpa treated the kids to a whole hour of quad and motorcycle rides. The kids love when grandpa gives them rides. It's the one thing they ask for more than candy.  I'm sure they love their grandpa too. Right?

And there it is. Another weekend has blown by incredibly fast. I'm so not ready to face work tomorrow. I wrote 50+ pages of appellate briefs and summary judgment motions last week and my brain is still fried from it all. Maybe I should treat myself to a skinny vanilla latte...Mother's Day can spill over to Monday mornings, right?

My baby (for now)

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  1. You definitely get an extra day after all that writing! :) (You and your boys look so adorable!)